Curve Spend Limits - Only for Day to Day Spending?!

I signed up for curve metal back in July as a replacement for revolut premium. I live in Spain but work/get paid in the UK in GBP. I figured curve would be the ideal replacement, I could top-up my revolut account in euros using curve when I needed to send money to my Spanish account as well as use it for all of my purchases and spending in Spain. Curve metal terms and conditions state “Unlimited Fee free currency conversion (subject to a fair use up to £60,000 a year).”

I contacted curve this week to get my limits raised as I want to make some large purchases. I offered to send in any identification documents along with source documents such as pay statements/bank statements to show I’d be using my own money and salary with curve. The reply was a simple “we’re not able to move you to higher limits. Your spend limits will increase over time as you cultivate a varied spend history with us and pass our account risk checks.” and "Curve is intended more for day to day spending, rather than for larger transactions " signed off with a come back and email us in another 8 weeks and we will check again.

If I was a blue customer I’d kind of understand but paying 150€ a year for curve metal doesn’t seem like such a good deal with arbitrary restrictions. So whilst the T&C state a fair use of 60K it is impossible to spend anywhere near that with the 10k limit. Also if curve is only for day to day spending seriously who spends 60K a year in daily spends?!

With revolut when I need a higher limit I sent them in the ID and pay slips and 2/3 days later my limits were gone. I don’t see why on earth curve insist on maintaining these limits when the underlying card provider will decided whether to approve or decline the payment.

My limits got raised several times, I’m on a quite high limit now, but it takes time.

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why not just get Revolut premium? Or, if you can (ie, with a UK address), sign up to a Halifax credit card which doesn’t charge anything for foreign currency transactions, and pay for everything in £ (including all your € purchases).

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Agree it takes some time to raise the limit

My limits are over my salary. LOL

Sorry but you will have to wait a bit

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To keep people updated. I got back in touch with curve after their initial reply. The customer services agreed they could upgrade my limits (which they instantly did, doubling the annual spend limit.). They have also agreed to increase it further but first I need to complete an ID check which is absolutely fair. So I need to acknowledge curve have completely resolved the issue.

@els76uk Re not getting Revolut premium honestly I choose curve because personally I think their package is better than Revolut. Curve had the travel and phone insurance (revolut had none at the time), they offered 1% cashback at your chosen retailers with no caps, I can earn cashback on some of my cards and honestly I love the concept of having all my cards combined in one.

I’ve actually got a Santander World Elite mastercard which allows fee free purchases abroad. The issue is that all bank cards normally use either the visa or mastercard rate. Curve uses the interbank rate which in generally is slightly better. It’s not a big difference but over time and with the volume of foreign purchases I make it does make a little difference.

Thank you very much to all those who replied for the feedback and advice.