Curve Split!

How’s about if you make a purchase, you can split payment via GBIT across 2 cards, or with 2 users?

EG, if I went to a cafe and paid the bill, I could go back into the transaction on the timeline and send a request to another Curve user to split the transaction with them.

Or, If I just bought a fancy new iPhone, I could split half the payment between my credit and debit card…? (I know you can do this now by asking to pay half the amount, then going into Curve and then paying again, but it would be awesome to make it more Curve-like)

It wil be an incredible feature, alongside with 14 days turn back in time, to be possible to split a part of the transaction to other card.


Spend €100 on a card
During the next 14 days be possible to change a part, €50 per example, to other card


ooh, I like that idea !

I do wonder if there are any specific implications associated with this. For example purchase protection insurance, etc?

What is the benefit though?

Genuinely can’t think of a reason I’d ever want to split the bill between my own accounts.

What Monzo do letting you split the bill with other people afterwards is good.

I have 12 credit cards on Curve and I maximize cashback and other advantages in each one, I may have interest in spread the expense in more than one card.


+1 could be very useful, could be useful to send half to another curve user as well.

+1, I think that would be great, but %age split as opposed to only a 50/50 option.

The issue I see here is that Curve doesn’t have an understanding of identity (single user) nor does it load contacts and have a sense of user family etc so this would be quite an undertaking!

Personal/Business card, for example. I was on a business trip two weeks ago and the company paid for all my expenses, but my wife came with me and I had to pay for her. Splitting the dinner bill for example among business and personal card would have been great.


I agree with this! I think it would really help, especially for business trips. Giving users that flexibility would be a great plus point.

Great idea! Makes sense on so many levels: both for business and group purchases.

This functionality would be great, especially for couples who might want to split costs but don’t want to create a joint account (with the fuss of topping it up etc).

Thanks for all these really cool ideas guys I will definitely tell the product team about them!

:grinning: :+1:


send bill/request payment? I.e. meal with a bunch of colleagues, split the bill and then send email requests for payment?

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That might be a different idea to what I envisioned

Isn’t this something that Monzo do? I’m sure I’ve seen this on an advert…

KINDA. It’s more like how the post @chrislee16228 above mentions… but with extras

This one I mean where you can split between two cards too. Imagine being able to use your curve card to pay £500 and split £250 on your debit, and £250 on your credit.

Yes, I understand now. There has been times where I could do with splitting half cash card half credit card. Good point and like the idea!

I believe it would be very useful if say :

You have spent for example £4000 pounds using curve.
But then you use the go back in time function and you can split this payment and spread it out over say 2 or more cards ?

I can not do that at the moment.

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Great idea. Fintechs Twisto and Bunq already support splitting a bill. Google Pay it is testing in Singapore. Maybe it’s good to check how they are supporting this and implement it in curve’s select-a-card method. It may work much better than storing everything in virtual wallet.

Does anyone else think it would be good to have a back in time feature where you can split the transaction between 2 cards and at an amount or % of your choice?