Curve stores data of deleted / removed cards

It looks that Curve stores and maintain data of removed / deleted cards.

I was playing with the app and changed image of one of my cards. Because there was no option to restore original image with bank logo and name I’ve decided to delete the card and re-add it again. To my surprise image of re-added card was still the same. I repeated the process but this time I also gave a new name to re-added card. Once again card appeared with old image and old card name. For me it look like Curve store deleted cards data and use old card images and names when you try to re-add them. I’ve submitted a question to Curve support asking about their practices for deleted cards but I’ve got no response yet (usually it takes them 1-2 days to replay). Another question is what they also do with deleted cards data?

Procedure to reproduce the issue:

  1. Change image of existing card
  2. Write down / memorize name of your card nickname
  3. Delete card for the app
  4. Add the card again with a new nickname (like: abc)
  5. Card will appear in the Curve app with previously changed image and old nickname

Android v.2.1.4


I would assume they have to keep the card info for a few weeks/months in case there is a refund or chargeback

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This could be related to the ‘Can’t update expired card’ thread.

Indeed, I would have expected them to keep this data TBH.

We are investigating the card image issue. It is Android only.

Eh, this isn’t a red flag. This is expected. Even PayPal does this.