Curve subreddit unprofessionalism while users keep missing rewards!

Dear Curve,

I’ve been using the Curve Card for years as Metal Card user. Unfortunately, the continuous problems with your rewards (see attachment) and customer support have finally reached a highly undesirable point!

Additionally, the unofficial r/CurveCard page on is giving you bad publicity and harming your business image.

The moderators of the Curve Card page acting on your behalf are responding unprofessionally, condescendingly, and antagonistically! See attachment for examples.

I wish you had your own official Reddit page, and I wish your advertised “priority support” benefit for Metal Cards was as truthful as it used to be years ago.

I have reported r/CurveCard unprofessionalism to , and I encourage anyone dealing with their hostility to do the same.

Yours faithfully.

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

It’s a unofficial Reddit Community so Curve have no control over what happens there.

I will send you a personal message.


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Hello @Barmy_Deer, welcome to the community!

I went and reread the whole conversation… and I can tell you that the moderator is right.

He pointed out that you are wrong to use Curve’s support.

You can’t use the support for Curve USA, if you live in EEA/UK and you can’t over-flood the ticket.

I’ll leave the link here to your post.

Please do let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards.


I am also in same problem. Never more CURVE CARD.
This year is last one. Finish stupid Card.