Curve support is not responsive

I have been trying to reach Curve support now for about a week but no one is answering. I tried the chat function in the app and the contact form in the website but no success. Around 6 working days has passed since the first time I contacted support.
The reason is I am having issues adding Klarna VISA card to my account and the issue is with Curve app for sure.
anyone experiencing the same?

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Unfortunately, 6 days is pretty much standard nowadays. My recent cases reached average of 7 days waiting for the first response.

Thanks for update.
I would say it is really disappointing. Comparing to the other services I use, Curve is doing terrible recently (about 2 months).

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues reaching the Curve customer service team.

Have you tried contacting them via Twitter @AskCurve

That seems to get results. It’s not ideal I know but many users have used it and achieved favourable results.

Thanks for your question.

I really appreciate your help. I just DM them. lets see how long that will take.

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That’s absolutely no problem, that’s what I am here for. :grin:

A quick update here!

Still the problem of adding cards is not resolved and surprisingly Curve support is super slow to respond. After 7 days, someone contacted me with useless information and troubleshooting that I already tried and now again disappeared. now it is officially 20 working days that the problem is not resolved!!!
I had another ticket open and ongoing before that for more than a month as well. is this shortage of support staff or whatever is causing such a delay related to something about continuation of Curve services that customers are not aware of???
As a metal user with such a disappointment, I really wonder how is it with free users.

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About the same to be honest. No difference at all. As if you’re finding it slow just imagine what they are going through.

That’s not an acceptable excuse, their BS about high increase of tickets cannot last forever.
They could at least provide a strategy and no do the ostrich and ignore all complains. They keep doing social media as if every thing was fine. It’s not normal that after 2 months you keep waiting for an solution.

As an online business owner myself I relly think they do not care about customers

So they are able to do post on social networks
They are able to send mail to promote their product
But they are not able to do more than answer to tweets to days after with the same excuse since months ?

I’m having the same issue too. Can’t add Klarna card to Curve. Contacted support but have not heard back from them since then. It’s been almost a week!

exactly. it doesn’t add up somehow. :+1:
I would say it makes sense to boost customer support for a short while and keep other aspects. If the business is seeing a hard time, customers should know that the first.


That is for sure a Curve related issue.
I am searching for Curve alternatives currently because 20 working days is more than enough time to resolve this.

Yes I think it’s quite useless since they do not care about complaints and feedback it’s been 2 months and no news. At this point I just stop complaining block all payment for subscription and wait x months for them to answer to cancel.

I also stopped paying with my Curve card for the time and will be downgrading for next month to free and see whats gonna happen.

My Curve is blocked for over 10 days. Support doesn’t answer. They completely ignore me. Now we pay a subscription fee for curve and they blocked my account and want some information, they get it but do not answer for over 10 days. Mail, App Chat, Twitter ,… Curve is still blocked. Something really strange with curve? Will curve die in the near future?

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Quick update on this matter!

They got back to me and solved the issue after about 65 days or so!!!
But still the customer support is extremely slow and not helpful at all. they keep sending standard answers which does not address my questions at all.