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Just received an e-mail survey from Curve, some of the questions are a bit concerning:
“How would you feel if you could no longer use Curve?”
“If you recommended Curve to someone how did you describe it?”
If these are just marketing questions, they seem ill thought out - more like preparing evidence for some sort of FCA investigation or Amex style fight with Visa?

Curve explained at the investor meetup that their main metric for customer satisfaction is how many people would be disappointed if Curve ceased to exist, rather than net promoter score. That would be the reason for the first question.

As far as the question about how you would describe it, it seems like a reasonable question to ask to me. I’m guessing Curve are trying to figure out how to market their product to people that have never heard of it, so this sort of information is interesting.


What do you think generally about surveys? This one in particular also.
Is this a good way the companies (in this case Curve also) getting information and data for free and also tricking people to give it for free?

Follow me on this.

Basically Curve is the email is asking our help to build a better product.
They say that their mission is to help us to get more from our money. Basically as I understand it, to have a higher return / yield from our money. At least as a declarative scope in this email.
I do think that this is contradictory to the main and ultimate, general company definition / scope and also shareholders scope - that is to make a profit for the shareholders - preferably as higher as it gets.

So how come Curve is stating that they want us to help them to build a better product (that will eventually help us to get more from our money) when in fact, at the end the shareholders expect a dividend / return (in some form and at some point)?

Aren’t they actually asking us to help them to make a better product (that will make more money for the company) for free?

IF DATA = MONEY (more than we all think) why is then CURVE asking us to pay them again?

Think about it. Your answers are valuable data that Curve (and also other companies) want. They are all asking it nicely and for free…masking it under some psychological / marketing reasoning that we help them to …help us.

I do believe that just by using their product we are paying them (doesn’t matter that in their marketing plan they do have some free accounts at the beginning in order to hit numbers / critical mass - and that eventually the scope is to turn them into paying ones when the company grow a lot and take over the niche).

All of the data that will be submitted by users will be combined and eventually used by Curve to make more money, to conquer the niche, to satisfy eventually our needs better. Remember we are already paying clients for their product, so basically they are asking us (for free) to give them data on how they could create a better product, that eventually will make more money for their company…from us of course!

So now I’m wondering:

  1. How come is this fair?
  2. Do you think that your data has a value? If yes can you imagine that is a lot?
  3. Do you think that companies should pay for the data that as asking us to give them for free?

Welcome to the real world Al. Curve is here to make their shareholders money. If they can do that (as you suggest) by harvesting your data, then good luck to them. This is what capitalism is all about, squeezing the last drop of profit from your product.

Personally, I am happy for them to ask my opinion and give my “valuable” data for free, but I do it knowingly and don’t see the issue that others seem to see.

Still, if we didn’t have conspiracies where would the fun be in this world?

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Right. But in this case you are the product, the squeezed one :slight_smile: And you enjoy it and even like it. And then you still think that if everyone get squeezed and no one is yelling then it must be natural :smile: Or did you thought that Curve just wanted to give you a card for free? Could be that once you get hooked on it you’ll might enjoy it :))))) An then you’ll seeing the true capitalism! Only thing that matters is growth, very fast. If you can get enough growth of your customers base then you can make loses for some time. And when you have enough growth you’ll take over a large enough portion of the market…and then you corner it. And then good luck with the hook :))))

You anyway give them your data every time you swipe your card - this without mentioning the registration and profiling. The subject was about the data from the survey.

In regards to conspiracies if you don’t really know by now that data = money (and quite a lot by now) you should really try to get the sand out of your ears. Maybe GDPR will ring a bell?

The truth is that no one reads the fine print.

And what if I could know some things about you that can be used to at least influence you, let’s say persuade you to at least incline to do / buy / etc ? Would you tell me those things?


And now you don’t have to because some I can get from your answers…on a free survey. Or from your text and from some time even from your voice. And then I make an emotional profile of you - this you can buy on the market now (all big call centers have it by now or in different stages of implementing it).

I don’t think the survey is actually to improve the service. If they wanted to do that, there’s more than enough ideas within this forum…even enough data to prioritise the ideas.

I think the point of the survey is to collect the “how disappointed would you be” and “would you recommend us” numbers, either for marketing or something similar.

What about the metal card?
That’s a paid product

For the survey to be more useful
Add more question
Some rating, etc

Received another survey today, it only had 1 question. That can’t be very useful can it.

First you get something for free, then you get hooked, then and only after …you pay.

Look anyway you look at it they want data for free, and that is wrong. Because they appeal to emotions by using words like …help make better - we all know that a company is not a non profit organization and that at some point, regardless of the good will of the one that started the company, the VC’s will whip them to their end goal…more users, more growth, faster and higher return.

Using emotions in order to get data for free, data that eventually is used against their users (they want money from you, and at some point will use the data fro the survey, in order to make more money out of you), is the same like some other people whom ask you for help at the streets corner, counting on your emotions also…

An remember at he beginning you had a black card for 50 pounds…free for life? How would that business model worked? Now it’s with a subscription per month.

That was the goal, taste the sugar, tell your friends, and as you like it, increase the price. The goal can be a good one at first but as you get funding, the goal is transformed, as if you want my money as a VC you have to give away your dreams, at least partially, and give in to my hunger for profits. And eventually your business model will work for the end goal …making me more money!!!

Helping, changing, disruption … crowdfunding (as long as the conditions for ordinary people are way worst and prone to dilution than mine) …bla bla bla…making more money out of you at the end is the goal!

So do you still think that asking you for free info by using your emotions against you is still ok?

I guess that you think the same in regards to that 1 euro that you are asked to spare from the corner guy?

The era that we live in is combining that in ways that you can’t think of (based on different strategies in order to have a better profile of you)…with the same end goal… maximize the profit for the shareholders … made from you.

My argument is that is your our data and why we do accept to give it away for free? As we do know that eventually it will be combined and used against us, in order to extract more …money, data, etc from us.

If I ask you for 1 euro is it easier than asking you for 10 in your mind? What about if you give me that 1 euro and by this I learn (combining all the data that I have from you, like when was your last active use, what card, where, when did you recommend to x…location, etc etc) something that I can better influence (or persuade) you to …let’s say promote my product better?


Some very smart people (Nobel type smart people) had studied some extensive fields, interesting ones like behaviour, economics, psychology, cognition, loss aversion, prospect theory.

Now some very smart people combine all of that in a very smart (an give enough data very reliable) system to make predictions and better profile people.

It seems that the Nobel prize is also infected with this deadly conspiracy :smile:

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