Curve Talks: The Impact of Financial Crime

At this Curve Talks event , Gemma Rogers, co-founder of FINTRAIL Ltd, shared her knowledge about the socio-economic effects of financial crime. She tackled the individual-level impacts of crimes such as human trafficking and explored the “why” this sits behind current anti-money laundering legislation.

You can find the recording of the event below :point_down: We are working our way toward being able to live-stream our London based events :smile:


Gemma has a passion for changing the terms of debate around financial crime risk management, debunking the lethargic tick-box concepts of old and focusing on intelligent, inclusive and business-focused solutions.

Having started her career in the UK Civil Service, Gemma moved to banking in 2008 to focus on enhanced due diligence of higher-risk clients. Next, she led a global team who conducted anti-money-laundering investigations for HSBC. In 2016, Gemma co-founded FINTRAIL Ltd, a boutique consultancy specialising in providing compliance advisory services to the UK, Singapore and US Fintech communities.

Drawing on her wealth of experience, Gemma brings clients deep domain knowledge of financial crime risks, as well as an ability to execute intelligent frameworks across both emerging platforms and established financial services.