Curve Team, what is keeping you from enabling Google Pay for other countries?

Hello Curve Community and hello Curve team,

please don’t consider this as a rant or as criticism, I am genuinely interested in the reasoning.

It’s been 9 months since Google Pay has been launched for UK customers. In the meantime you have been even able to reimplement this whole Google Pay service with another service partner because of the Wirecard debacle.

In my (maybe naive) imagination unlocking Google Pay for other countries seems to be a straightforward thing, as all the infrastructure and also the relationships to e. g. Google are already there. Still Curve hasn’t enabled Google Pay for cards with mainland Europe BINs yet not only for weeks but 9 months after the UK launch.

That’s why I want to genuinely ask you, Curve Team: What is the complexity with enabling other countries you already offer Curve to to also use Google Pay? Or is it just no priority for you? cc @Curve_Marie

I can only make assumptions and haven’t found any communicated reasons or blockers yet. I thought about it maybe being legal issues or intended delays to not overwhelm the support teams. Apple Pay however could be offered globally at launch, so I am wondering where there could be the crucial difference between Google and Apple Pay.


@az: Truly appreciate your post here. I was wondering the same thing few days ago when I read about the Samsung Card launch.

My guess is there are some legal terms which is restricting Curve to launch Google Pay in other countries. For e.g. UK exclusivity for 1 year or something similar.

However, I truly wish Curve could give some indicator, and I don’t mean give out the exact terms, but something at least to justify why they are unable to release Google Pay in other markets.


Then i am lucky
I have curve with google pay, in Denmark
Had it since curve launched google pay
And it was never disabled, just keep working

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@hup Yep, lucky you :smiley:
@poeliev summarized in the Google Pay announcement thread that Google Pay isn’t available in the countries with dedicated BINs, i. e. Poland, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.
In other countries such as Denmark or the Netherlands Google Pay can be used. The fact that it is available there makes it seems less likely to me that it isn’t available in the other countries because of legal concerns.

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Then there are users that can’t use Google Pay contactless, even that it should work. Curve says “it’s a bug in yout account”, but nothing is done to fix the problem. It has been going for months now.

This is a issue that could be fixed quickly, but i see that Curve doesn’t even try to solve it.

@az @hup
Aren’t the Curve cards in Denmark and Netherlands (basically anywhere where Google Pay works with Curve) use UK BINs? Or are they local country BINs?

Both Denmark and Netherlands have UK BIN Curve cards. That’s the reason Curve customers from those countries can use GooglePay contactless with their Curve card.

I thought as much - thanks for confirming @poeliev!

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Am I misunderstanding? I have my Curve card linked to Google Pay here in Ireland. It works without problems and has done for quite some time.

What’s the BIN of your Curve card? As far as I know the countries mentioned did not have dedicated BINs from the start. So you might have a card with a UK BIN. Also all the Metal cards (independent of the country) have a UK BIN as far as I know.

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It’s one of the ones you quote so, yes, you’re correct.


Strange. I am using Google pay with Curve everyday here in Poland. :sweat_smile:

Once again - it’s not about the country, it’s about your card’s BIN. If you have UK BIN card, then Google Pay should work for you unless “there is a bug in your account”. :wink:

I’m from Spain, and I tried to add my card to Google pay, and appear that error.

*The error says that you cannot configure this card to pay in stores, that my bank does not offer this service for this card.
I search in google, and as I understand that if i’m in the EEA I can use my Curve Card in Google Pay to pay, no?
I read that information in that link:

However, if I search in the list of banks and partners added in Google pay in Spain and Curve isn’t in that list:

And in the list from UK appear the Curve company.

Only if your Curve card has one of the following BINs:

53759000, 53759005, 53759100 and 53759120

You will be able to add it to GooglePay contactless. This is the selection of cards that the Curve support page is talking about.

I am a Crowdfunding Investor and I reside in Germany.
Before getting my Curve Investor card I had the Curve blue card with 5375 9000 BIN and was working fine with Google Pay. My new Curve Investor card, which I have now since a few months has a 5375 9020 BIN and this is NOT working with Google Pay anymore.
Funny how just a number can cause so much inconvenience…


I am not quite sure it’s just a BIN question. I’m from the Czech Republic. Had a plain blue card (with UK BIN) and it didn’t work, returning an error immediately on activate, despite the reports that cards with UK BIN work even outside UK. OK, I received a red Investor card (with UK BIN). Attempt to activate returned the card must be verified by the bank and only option offered was calling a number that belongs to the Curve support. Actually, knowing that Google Pay is oficially UK supported only, I was lazy to do so. But like a month or so ago, I have just tried again and it showed verification over a SMS code, which worked and after that Google Pay works fine to me! So I guess there is a progress behing but I fully agree, it shall be better communicated…

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Same here. Blue card didnt work, but red investor card works like a charm with gpay

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If you’d call them they would “fix” your account instantly and it would work for you immediately. I’m from CZE as well and did this immediately after I received the card… :wink:

That’s right. I have Curve Metal in Spain and I can use Google Pay without problems.

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