Curve timeline "This Week " wrong

In latest update of Curve app Android, timeline for “This Week” does not work correctly. Some of transactions are not calculated in the total spended amount showed. Transactions are visible in the timeline, but not counted in total this week spended amount. The not in this week spended calculated transactions are from yesterday.

Now also declined 0,00$ Google Pay are shown in timeline. Those seems to appear after trying unsuccessfully add Curve card to Google Pay. This is a new feature.

Also the total amount in timeline shows both € and , im my case xxx€ and 0. I think, that if total amount of $ is 0, it should not be shown at all in timeline spended total. @nicb @CurveJake @Curve_Marie

Same is true for Timeline, This Month - calculations are not done correctly.

@RA1 thanks for reporting this. It looks like some transactions are being skipped from the totals.

That’s correct, I’ve got some transactions on a thursday, all counted to 0 on that day @nicb

I keep getting wrong amounts too…

All transactions from last week shows 0 on the days total amount, even that there is transactions. @nicb

This seems to be fixed, now the amounts of the transactions are correct.

Yes, its fixed in 2.16.3 :+1: