Curve transaction being charged as cash withdrawals on credit card

On Monday a curve transaction for £3.80 was declined by the assigned Nationwide credit card. I called Nationwide and they advised that every Curve transaction is now attracting a cash withdrawal surcharge!

Clearly I was a little shocked about this as a small transaction would attract their minimum cash withdrawal charge, so I contacted Curve support and unfortunately there was none. Adam said he would get back to me but despite me sending a couple of reminder messages he seems to have disappeared.

Anyone got any similar problems or suggestions on how I resolve this issue?

I’ve done 6 Nationwide CC transactions via Curve since Monday. No declines.

But how do I tell if they will attract cash surcharge? Can’t see anything obvious in the Nationwide app.

Hi 99, the transaction wont decline unless its under the minimum cash advance level which I think is £5 and the fee is £3 or 2.5% whichever is greater - that’s what Nationwide told me.


Three of mine have been under £5

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Hey @MarkG, I can see this issue has been flagged to our technical project manager and Adam, the agent you spoke with, is waiting for more information to continue investigating this issue for you.