Curve transactions being delayed today?

Are they delays in transactions again? Having notifications of transactions after 15 minutes and in some cases was declined payment by merchant (Amazon)

Having the same issue here.

Same here. Especially Non-GBP cards are majorly effected.

Same same .

Used Curve card 2 times about ~1.5h ago (in POS, not online).
Did not noticed any delays. Just those 2 transactions still shows as “pending” in Curve app.

When last time used Curve online (yesterday) I did noticed delay in displaying transaction in Curve app.

same issue, card declined on both Amazon and eBay

Hi from Italy, I am experiencing 3 pending transactions. My underlying card is a Mastercard of ING Bank Italian Branch.

I’ve noticed a declined operation from Amazon yesterday as well. While over a week ago, Amazon had no issues with charging my Curve card.

I heard a rumor that after a Brexit, Amazon stopped accepting Revolut & Curve cards which belong to UK banks.

I’m still waiting for an explanation from Curve support though…

I like rumours :wink:, do you have a link?

For now I just found an information from an another community (Pepper) where user apparently wrote Amazon about his problem and they replied him using the brexit argument.

For now I have nothing confirmed :smiley: I wrote Amazon myself regarding failed transaction, waiting for their response as well.

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Hi all, it seemed it was a blip - I’ve had a whole bunch of decline’s come through on some card present transactions (physical store) that I placed for lunch, coffee etc…and last night, some those transactions showed up as declined on my notifications on my phone. The Amazon transaction never even showed up as declined. I subsequently retried the Amazon (US) transaction again and it went through.

It does not give me much comfort there blips like this, and I’m never sure if I would be charged twice - will go back to non Curve cards for now unless it is for foreign transactions

Transactions don’t seem to be delayed for me, but notifications definitely are…some by up to an hour!

As long as the card keeps working I’m OK with that though. Interestingly, Apple Pay notifications also seemed to be delayed :thinking:

Thanks for bearing with us. We experienced a brief issue this morning, which caused a small number of customers to be declined when making payments. This issue has now been fixed and transactions through Curve are being processed as normal.

We understand that this is frustrating and we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are continuing to investigate the root cause to prevent further issues going forward.

If there is anything else you’d like us to help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I made some purchases my self today and no delays so far or declined payments.