Curve transactions show wrong at bank which stops cashback being given by bank

I have been getting cashback on all transactions at the bank permanent tsb in Ireland but since Tuesday the way transactions show up are not right and that In turn doesn’t say it’s card payment it normally shows like this


Which gives the cashback but what I get is this




Which gives zero cashback

I’ve been with curve since the days of wiredcard issues and now curve replaced the systems with new ones but this issue is on going since Tuesday when app issues started but app issues have fixed itself this has not

Anyone have this issue show some light on the issue on how to go about getting a fix as it stands I get no cashback at bank using curve

This is other screenshot

This is a different issue cause it’s started Tuesday

@Curve_Joel is there a way to correct this issue at the bank

For me it looks like that your bank has changed how it handles online transactions from Curve.

Bank hasn’t changed anything and was working normal the day before the app issue

What did the bank’s customer service say?

Bank says it’s the merchant bank that’s sending the transactions this way (which in this case is curve) and if you want it changed go to them which means bank doesn’t process them as card payment so no cashback at the bank cause of that

i’m sure there was a change on your bank’s side. transactions with curve have always been online transactions: it doesn’t matter you pay online or at a physical store’s POS, technically you always make an online payment with curve. probably your bank has introduced a new feature, they want you to use your card directly for cashback

Bank has done zero changes to transactions I don’t see how everyone is saying they have this problem started the moment curve has had problems and curve have changed the way transaction can show before so I know their system can throw up these issues

everyone is saying that because you’re the only one with this issue. my transactions from this week are completely the same as last week, issue with visa cards was also fixed this week. it doesn’t matter what a support person from your bank told you, usually they know nothing about these changes

Interesting, it seems to me that P2P means peer-to-peer and VPP could mean Visa Personal Payment. In relation to card payments they would mean @wbrowngala is paying TO someone’s card number.
How that would happen with a Curve transaction is a mystery.
Does anyone know wheter P2P and VPP have their own specific MCC codes ?

This is permanent tsb reply to me just now

She sent you a simple template as a reply.

Submit a complaint.

The message given it’s curve responsibility to how it shows at bank not the bank


I had someone from a digital bank who deal in the tech side of banking shed light in to the issue and said it’s not the banks fault regardless of what bank and to say to me they don’t know what they are saying is wrong cause I spoke directly with someone who does those things for a living

So it seems to do with this Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement - #140 by CB186

That has been fixed and only affected Visa cards.