Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement

Does anyone know why my curve transactions are now showing as this on my bank statement - and not in the usual ‘CRVMerchant’ format?

This has only been happening since yesterday - and caused my bank to block my card.

Hey Chris, thanks for flagging this! I’ve raised this with the relevant team and they’re currently investigating the problem. I’ll update you once we know why the merchant names aren’t displaying correctly for you.

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For me pending transactions were showing as CRV** , however when the transaction settled it showed the usual Crv*merchant Name.


Encountering this issue also, weirdly the HSBC app shows on their alerts the merchant name but the statement just says CRV**

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Well, a very interesting discussion which answers some of my questions with recent changes.

My experience:
I use a challenger shariah compliant banking card, Rizq, which recently shown all my transactions as bank payments rather than a card payment. I don’t know why it initiated like this but in February I noted it. Its a visa card for reference.
Somehow due to this change I couldn’t get hold of details in bank app as transections were shown as CRV** instead of CRV (full name of store).

Well, started using another shariah compliant banking app, MyAhmed, it still shows as card payment as it did before, its a visa card as well.

I didn’t dig deeper but reading your post made things more clear to me.

Thank you and good luck.

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Hey everyone, apologies for the delay in following up on this.

@cgadd99, our payment processor believe they’ve been able to fix this issue. Has this improved things for you or are you still seeing transactions in this incorrect format?

If you’re happy to help with looking into this @drnhsarja and @sbangs, please provide the BINs from these affected banks so that I can have our payments team look into this issue further! :grin:

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Just to update @Curve_Joel the issue seems to have resolved itself on HSBC Debit card and Barclaycard


That’s great news! Hopefully, the fix applied by the payments team was a universal one in that case. :tada:

Sorry to re-up this post, but it’s happening from 4-5 days that every transaction I do, the merchant name on my bank account results only CRV**. Tried with different bank accounts that I have, same result

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Same issue here (for last 4-5 days or maybe week) I see incorrect merchant names on linked cards statements. Shows correct names on Curve app but shows as CRV * or even CRV*MyNameSurnameHere in linked card. ← wtf ?

I some cases correct names are shown after clearing pending state in linked cards accounts, but in some cases not.
Very weird.
Also I saw weird name like just single character “T”, which later (after pending done) changed to correct name.


It is still going on today. Contacted Curve support (email). Will see how long it will take them to answer.

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Same issue here. What happened? It was working without issues long time


Same here, it is failing for about one week.

I confirm the issue is still present

Yes indeed. :arrow_forward:

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Still not fixed, but purchase I did today shows as “Curve” in linked card. Previously just as “*”.
I think it is slightly better :smiley:

Still only * for me, the bug is present today as well

Started happening for me as well since last couple of weeks.
It might be that it’s only for pending transactions and that it gets the correct name later.

I’ve seen “*”, curve and some completely different names that I’ve never purchased from like “poli supermarket”

Back to * again, grr.


Any updates? Also today the bug is present