Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement

I can confirm the issue was fixed in my case, I made a transaction that now is clearly visibile with the merchant

Unfortunately, issue is back again.
Made 1 transaction today (23.09.2022) at noon - name was fine. In the evening made other transaction elsewhere - shows * in linked card… (pending state).

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As Joel said it should be fine once the transaction not pending anymore

it should be fine also after authorization, and it was fine yesterday…

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I just know that for a bank it’s fine directly and for an other it’s only after switching from pending to authorized (it’s like this since at least 1 month).

Curve recognized the issue so maybe they are trying things but until they say it’s definitively solved I would not be surprised if it keep bugging

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Hi Joel
Yesterday the problem was solved and, during the time period that the payment was pending, the correct name of the business was already reflected but it has stopped appearing this afternoon.
I have tested it when you reported that some transactions were failing and also a few minutes ago and it seems that we continue with the issue we had since September 1.
And that causes some banks (Visa issuers) to charge us a commission for cash withdrawal when we use Curve in normal purchases.
Thanks for your efforts in solving it

@Curve_Joel i can confirm too: issue is back

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Me too, I confirm today I have again transactions named only “*”

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22.9 all transactions were correct for a moment. Then 23. and 24. all transactions back to CRV* Vilnius LT and pending transactions showing just CRV**. Issue is back… At least Binance Visa does not get correct details even after pending status.


In my case issue is back again. During two days it was solved but now the charges in Visa cards only show CRV*.
Curve please solve this situation as soon as you can, you know where the problem is

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Same here :frowning::

Just need to wait for a fix it will be displayed properly after transaction validate. Do not know if it help but with revolut there is not the issue, but Revolut nver display CRV before transaction

For me, there is issue with Revolut (VISA). Made purchase today (25.09.2022), shows * (pending). But yes, it also never shows CRV before name on revolut cards.

I probably just got last transactions going from pending to Authorized before checking it then

Bug still present

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Yes, today was “Poli Supermarket” day for me according to Curve :smiley:

yep. :roll_eyes:

I still have the issue when charging Visa cards with Curve, any solution @Curve_Joel?

Any updates? It’s been 1 month with this issue

A lot of people are still suffering the problem