Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement

No reply from support so far and no updates. Not critical bug, imo, just inconvenient.

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I am affected too. I thought it might be correlation between Curve and particular banking system but I experienced it on several accounts/cards in various banks.

Got reply from support today.

In short: they did not understand issue at all :frowning:
I clearly wrote that wrong merchant names occurs not in Curve app, but in linked card app(s). So there must be something wrong in background processing from Curve side.
What they suggest: Clear app cache, reinstall Curve app. If that not fix it, make screenshots or screen recording and they will pass that to another team to look at.

Netflix :point_left:

Two weeks now and no fix. Bank started to ask what are these crv* * transactions. Merchant names are missing so this makes them suspicious… I wonder does this affect to cashback and rewards of some cards since only merchant category codes (MCC) are transmitted but no specific merchant name. Curve hurry up with the fix…


Curve, this issue already happened in February and you solved it.
The problem must already be identified and the solution must also be.
Why are you taking so long to do it now?

Today my 2 purchases via Curve shows as completely random “Poli Supermarket” (I’m sure they dont exist in my country) and “Curve”.

Not fixed.

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Yeah, Revolut even blocked my card because it appeared suspicious with “Poli supermarket” that I never actually went to :stuck_out_tongue:

But for me, the correct merchant names appear after the transaction is no longer in “pending”

Ye ye exaxtly same here. After pending state it appears normally

Now all transactions that are pending are shown as “CRV *" For some cards (most of them credit cards) the merchant names appear when transaction finally settles, but still many cards (especially debit cards) settle without merchant name. Every transaction just shows "CRV Vilnius LT”

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In my case (debit card) even when the transaction are no more in pending the merchant name remains as CRV*Vilnius LT. Can we address this bug to the actual developers to fix it? It’s really annoying and I don’t want to have my card lock out curve

Yeah, according to Curve I’ve been regular shopper in Primaprix, Lidl and now Denn’s Biomarkt - and all in a single transaction - it even changes retroactively after clearing. Although, I am not sure if that is on Curve or on some really weird matching algorithm. Primaprix and “Denn’s Biomarkt” do not even exist here and I’ve never been to Lidl.

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Yesterday I wrote another e-mail to support about this and today different member of support replied, that he will transfer this to relevant team to look at.
Looks like they understand issue now.

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Hey folks, thanks for flagging that this issue has made a comeback. Our specialists are currently working with our engineering team to resolve this again but that means we need examples of accounts experiencing this issue.

If you’re happy for our team to use your account to get to the bottom of this then please PM me with your verified Curve email.

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It seems that you have not really understood the problem that is being discussed, it is not in our Curve accounts. They reflect everything perfectly.
The problem is that when the bank charge arrives to the card used under Curve, the name of the merchant is not correctly informed, in some cases only an asterisk appears and in others a wrong Merchant name is assigned, it may also be that a Wrong MCC.
This is causing some banks to treat the operation made through Curve as if it were a withdrawal by ATM, applying fees and even blocking the card for suspicious operations.
Please check your payment processing system well or maybe Mastercard is originating it by sending confusing data with the operations carried out with Curve.

Mine account have the issue all transaction detail are debited as “CRV*” from the 1st of september on the underlaying card

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i’m sure joel understood it. NOT every user’s affected, my transactions work as they should with CRV*merchantname on all underlying cards. that’s why they want to check your accounts


I think he did understand, but in order to see what information is being passed to the underlying cards, he wants some Curve accounts that have experienced this and that can be looked into as examples.


Hi @Carlos7.0, I’m sorry for any confusion caused by my message. As others have mentioned, I do understand the issue but our engineering team need to be able to compare multiple affected accounts to find the common issue. Once they’ve better identified the issue we can better work to a solution!

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It seems I get the issue with Plutus (if problem is on Curve side) but not with Revolut :thinking: