Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement

@Bogz For me I get incorrect names on Revolut.

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Like CRV**** ?
Because if the name of Revolut is different that merchant it might be just how the merchant configured his electronic payment terminal.

Made 3 purchases today (in different places) via curve with revolut. 2 shows in revolut as simply " * " , and 3rd shows as “Curve”. All of them still pending.

Or maybe I did not notice while they were pending. I would suggest you to email or PMJoel

Today day started with “Poli Supermarket” transaction. It is even a little bit entertaining, like a lottery :smiley:

Any updates on this? Also today it seems the bug is present

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No updates for me. yes, bug still present.

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I do not know if it has been mentionned previously but if you do a topup through curve (Revolut for exemple) there is no way to hide the transaction from (the spent this month)

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Thanks for confirming you’re still experiencing this issue, everyone. It’s still being investigated but we hope to have feedback soon.

Support got back to me today and said that they are aware of small number of ppl having this issue and that they are investigating.
Also asked to provide few examples of incorrect names and said that they don’t have a set timeframe to resolve this at the moment.

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Same here:

Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 21.46.48

I have the same problem since September 1st. It also happens with Go Back In Time, if original merchant name was ok it is also ok in refund transaction, but if it was wrong (random name or asterisks) it is also wrong in refund transaction (but ok in charge of new card). I’ve detected this problem with Revolut, but not with cards

So basically you cannot get back refunds if the merchant name is incorrect? I am waiting for the refund from a fuel pump that pre authorized me 100 and still I don’t have it back after 8 days

Refunds should get through regardless of the name. Some underlying cards process refunds or the release of pre-authorizations in up to 30 days.

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@Curve_Joel It’s started happening at me as well. Underlying card (Visa) was issued by Erste Bank Hungary, there are no issues (yet?) with cards (Mastercard) issued by K&H Bank Hungary. Here are 3 examples from yesterday, only CRV** went through as merchant name after using Go Back in Time from K&H MC to Erste Visa. Original transactions were OK.

This is from the very same bank, but with a Mastercard credit card:

So the issue is definitely related to Visa cards.

Might be. Both of my cards I have in Curve are VISA and both have this issue.
I cannot test any mastercards with free tier (unless I remove existing cards). heh.


I confirm that. I have the issue on both my Binance card and Revolut that are both VISA! @Curve_Joel

I’m suffering this issue with Revolut, Vivid,W1tty and Solaris Bank VISA cards, but no with other Mastercard issued cards.
Due to that I’ve received ATM charges in Solaris bank when made GBIT for simple purchases.
Curve needs to fix this big problem!!!

Yea I simply think I will no more use curve for my Visa cards until this issue is fixed…