Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement

I probably just got last transactions going from pending to Authorized before checking it then

Bug still present

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Yes, today was “Poli Supermarket” day for me according to Curve :smiley:

yep. :roll_eyes:

I still have the issue when charging Visa cards with Curve, any solution @Curve_Joel?

Any updates? It’s been 1 month with this issue

A lot of people are still suffering the problem

Made online purchase today (2 October 2022) - not fixed.

Shows CRV** this time (pending).

I have this issue too and my bank has charged cash disposal fees when using Visa cards with Curve. But not with Mastercards.
Support chat doesnt reply, does anyone know how to get a fix for this problem?

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Hi Curve!
Any news about the issue?
Still suffering the problem with Visa cards for more than a month.

@moon @Bogz just out of interest, what’s the benefit of using Curve linked to your Revolut? Why not just use the Revolut card directly?

@Pjw18 - I dont like that revolut card have my NAME SURNAME printed in front of card.


None, I mainly use Curve for Plutus card but due to the top up issues I sometime use revolut instead and do GBIT from Revolut to Plutus to get the cashback

I’m having the same issue.
If you need accounts to troubleshoot, please do mine.

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Something very strange is happening, the chip+pin payments that I performed during the day, were passed to underlying card with my name in the description instead of the vendor name. Online and Apple Pay payments worked well.

Known issue - Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement - #96 by Dag

Was same for me - NameSurname was passed on few occassions (when using atm withdrawal and also when doing online purchase).

p.s. Was your underlaying card VISA ?

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Same here.
I’m using VISA, yes.

Go back in time is working with mastercard as underlying card.

Yes Visa, I made 5 transactions on same day and this happen only to the chip+pin, I now understand that was coincidence

We have been experiencing this problem with Visa cards for 40 days now, except for two days in September when it worked fine.
Curve, what are you waiting for to fix it???


My VISA transactions correct themselves once they are cleared. Mastercard transactions are correct in authorization phase.