Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement

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only plutus seems to be affected now

Those are all pending transactions. Luckily right now the behaviour has got back to the original one, which means that after they are settled the real names appear and the cashback is given when it is due.
So it’s just annoying to see but it’s not a real problem, it’s partially solved.
Until some days ago, the “Visa per pay” transactions remained that way even after settling, which caused major trouble.
This should be properly fixed once and for all though, with the real transaction names showing up since the very beginning.

Jetzt ist es im Plutus Konto korrigiert und die Händler werden richtig angezeigt.

I’ve got VPP and P2P instead of POS on my permanent tsb statement so not classed as card payment

This is another screenshot problem hasn’t been fixed

As it’s VPP and P2P and not POS I don’t get cashback from permanent tsb for use of my permanent tsb card with curve

Any idea when there will be a fix

we already told you before: ask your bank!

Not sure if it is related or affects me negatively in any way but I noticed that from 24.10.2022 all curve transactions my bank now labels as “transfer from card” (and shows same icon as for sepa transfers), previously it was their common “goods and services” category (and icon for normal card purchases). mcc’s are the same as they were before this change, though.

No idea if this change was initiated by curve, visa network or my bank and what exactly changed.

I’ve seen it multiple places but only permanent tsb is where it becomes an issue so when I get people saying it’s banks fault not curve I don’t think it’s banks cause if more than one bank and card issuer has same issue then I do say curve is the problem

It’s very unlikely that the issue is on Curve side in this case. I have a Visa credit card too and nothing has changed regarding transaction processing.

I have Monzo and it doesn’t change but that is only one that I have that has stayed same it’s cause they do things differently in app

Don’t think it’s a Curve issue if I’m honest, been having the issue everything has with the Visa Per Pay showing up on my Plutus when I’ve used it via curve.

Used my starling card as the underlying card for a few days and it always showed how it should do on the starling app; no visa per pay shown.

Unless it’s a Visa card issue via curve? Starling is a MasterCard…

It’s going to show the correct name once the transaction settled. It can be a Plutus issue anyway, since Curve works fine with other Visa cards.

I know the transaction name settles after it’s been processed, I didn’t dispute that.

I don’t think it’s a Curve issue because it’s worked perfectly fine with my Starling card. So can only been a Plutus issue so they have to sort it out.

It is not a Plutus problem, as this has been reported to have happened with Curve and other Visa cards as well in this thread. The same Visa cards affected by this problem, do not show incorrect transaction names if they are used directly.
So it’s clearly a problem with how this type of transactions are processed by Visa based on the way Curve started to transmit information to them at some point or something, or based on how Visa started to handle the information received by Curve at some point. In any case it’s Curve that is in charge of the problem and they have to figure out what is happening with Visa, the underlying cards can do nothing about it, they just receive transaction names from Curve exactly as they do when they are passed by a different e-commerce POS, except if it’s not Curve the correct name is passed even before they are settled.

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Ah so it’s happened with other Visa cards, I wasn’t aware of that issue.

Any idea if it’s just the way Visa cards are processed then?

You mean the way Visa cards are processed by Curve? Then yes, it must have something to do with it. But of course it’s not just Visa, since without Curve those Visa cards work fine.

Curve support replied to me today (email), that issue was fixed “recently”.

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Issue doesn’t seem to be fixed, every transaction with an underlying VISA card appears as VISA DIRECT/money transfer transaction