Curve truly a replacement for all my cards?

I’ve been using curve for a couple of months now, and I absolutely love it.

I have a large number of bank accounts and credit cards so the ability to have one card to replace them all allowing me to carry a much smaller wallet is a dream.

I had no issues with my card in the UK at all. However since being away in the USA I seem to have had issue after issue with my card being declined due to fraud protection leaving me with no money and hours away from being able to unlock it. (Idea submitted to fix this issue). I have been stumped by updates and I have had my card declined yet again by an issue with a payment partner again leaving me with no access to any money.

I by chance brought one of my old bank cards with me so I am able to use that but my plan was to travel without having it. Which would have at times left me with no access to any form of money thousands of miles from home.

I have also been stumped by the rental car company saying that my curve is a debit card even tho the underlining card was a credit this meant I had to prove that I had a flight home before I could collect my car.

This means my dream wallet and advertised product has gone from me needing one card to actually having me starting to question if curve can deliver a single card that does all?

Anyone else having similar problems with this?

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This doesn’t surprise me. Your Curve card is a debit card. The merchant where you use your Curve card can not see/doesn’t have a clue which underlying card you are using.

For deposits (hotel, car rental) just use your regular Creditcard. The amount will be returned, so no poor FX rates. For the rental period/nights staying itself you should pay with your Curve Card (for better FX rates than your regular Creditcard).


Cards fail from time to time. It really is sensible to carry another card.


I understand both these points but the curve card was sold to me on the premise of not having to carry extra cards.

If it had said curve all your cards in one but you might still have to carry all your cards. I probably wouldn’t have bought into it.

Don’t get me wrong I love my curve card and have really enjoyed using it. But when it was sold as a replacement for all my cards and for people who travel I would have expected these issues to be sorted out.

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Not what I said, @Maxfx. Carrying an alternative card is just good sense whether you have a Curve card or not.

You’ll find plenty of threads here and on other forums about those annoying and potentially embarrassing occasions when card transactions fail.


Exactly, the banks from my underlying cards also have some down time, so its just usual and very common to always have a backup card.
Also I don’t get the entire thing where people say they feel embarassed when their card isn’t working.
There are so many reasons why a card can be declined, one that the merchant is blocked / fraud check is blocking it.
Its not like a decline means to the employee at the checkout that you are so poor that you have overdrafted your card, and even if, whats the fuzz?
Its not like he’d care about it :wink:


As you are a beta tester, it is a real worry if Curve are taking such views on board

I have just had an online declined from sales in Canada and Alaska, so just how widespread is this?

Curve is a proxy for all one’s cards, so are we expected to carry them all as backup too?

It won’t hurt anyone to have 1 backup card. Think the other way, what would happen if Curve didn’t exist, would you always carry all your cards with you?
Today its not needed anymore, the majority of cards support Google / Apple pay, so can be used for all NFC payments.
1 Backup card for mag swipe / chip
And for all online transactions its safe, secure and very handy to store the cc info in a password manager like lastpass, 1password,…


@Cwyfan I understand your frustration. Sometime it can get embarrsing having to keep opening the app to change the underlying card and keep asking the shop staff to try again. Maybe it’s worth record down which bank/card works and which one doesn’t, then send it here to share or send curve a note on it so they can work on it? I don’t have much overseas spending on my curve myself, as I usually use my fx free credit card directly when I can to avoid maxing the annual spend limit, and yeah, that’s another thing you should be aware too… The hated annual spending limit, but I guess most cards got a spending limit anyway, so yay :frowning:

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The issue I am having isn’t that one underlycard isn’t working it the curve card itself doesn’t work.

Can you explain that further please?

I can.

I have had my curve card blocked or fail on a number of occasions which has prevented me from using any card associated with it.

I currently don’t know if my card is working as I was told it was declined due to an issue with a payment partner which had been resolved but the next time I went to use it it didn’t work again and I havnt used it since.

Out of interest have you tried using a different underlying payment card? Unfortunately the Curve error messages are not that helpful (plus fleeting), but I’ve found the majority of the times the issues lies with the underlying card and switching that often does the trick.

As others have said I would always carry a credit card (or Amex) for car rental (many US providers will flat out refuse to rent to someone with a debit card), plus would always use a cc for any deposits, then settle with Curve at check-out, etc.


I didn’t get a message at all just declined in the restaurant. Tried another card same thing. Tried the actual underlying bank card worked fine so I know it wasn’t the bank.

As for carrying another card I do understand that normally you would but as curve acts as lots of cards it does seem a bit odd as o just expect it to work. And the carrying a credit for rental thing as I’m using my credit card for the underlying card and the fact that curve advertises how amazing it is for travel I wouldn’t expect this to be a problem.

I mean the box it arrived in said store all your old cards here?

Ok, you made your point.

So to answer the question that is in the topic title (Curve truly a replacement for all my cards?).

The answer is…NO!

Numerous reasons:

  1. since Curve is a Debit Card you can’t use it where a Credit card is ‘required’;
  2. since Curve is a MasterCard you can’t use it where MasterCard is not accepted (only Visa or only Maestro/V Pay et cetera);
  3. Card transactions do fail from time to time, so also transactions with your Curve card will sometimes fail (so it is always smart to carry at least one back up, especially when you are traveling abroad);

If this is the case then I will need to seriously need to reconsider my position on this as the service has been miss sold.

Having just had to contact support again as my card has yet again been declined for no reason and having been told it’s working. It’s proving to be more hassle that it’s worth

You can’t just leave people to use their card and have them wondering if the transaction will work or will I have to have another go. Also I use different cards for different things so I can’t just carry a single back up I will need to carry every card with me just incase making the whole thing pointless.

Just out of curiosity, have you checked with the bank of they are blocking curve? Or can you say which bank does the card you are using belong to?
It might be that the bank just not accept curve payment?

It’s worked for 2 months fine with all the cards I’m using literally only had these issues in the last few weeks while I’ve been away. Which is when you need your cards to work without fail.

Also weirdly I just use the card for an online transaction which worked fine??