Curve Turkey Usage

Hello, dear curve community; There is no Apple Pay in the country I live in, so millions of users are unfortunately uncomfortable with this situation. We learned that we can eliminate this problem with the curve service. But there is an important problem, curve service is not valid in Turkey. Thousands of people want to receive service from the curve, but we cannot. Do you have plans for Turkey? When will this valuable service be available in our country? Everyone is waiting for curve service in Turkey’s largest forum. There is a large audience. We look forward to your positive feedback.

Note: Apple Pay'i Türkiye'de kullanma yöntemi » Sayfa 118 - 118

Welcome to the community @tolga3589

Great to hear there’s demand for Curve in Turkey! I’m not aware of any plans of launching there unfortunately, however keep an eye on this link: How does Curve work and who’s eligible for it? – Curve (

The next big launch for Curve is in the USA.

Note that Curve will work for users who travel to Turkey, but isn’t currently available for people who live there.

Hello, applications from Turkey were accepted before, but the system is currently closed to us. It should not be difficult to reopen, but at least it can be a convenience for us students.