Curve UK+EEA winter offsite ❄️

Curve UK+EEA winter offsite :snowflake:

2022 is fast coming to a close which gave us the perfect opportunity to bring our UK and EEA teams together to celebrate both the successes and the lessons of the year. :tada:

Thanks to every member of the team who joined us in London and to the various voices heard from across the different teams in Curve. Together, we identified future areas for growth, developed actionable plans to improve and reinforced bonds across our teams.
We also had a few drinks while we were at it. :champagne:

Special shout out to asembl. for running the event and to Osnat Koblenz, Sarah Cox, Nina Bamford and Kristian Bamford for sorting the logistics of getting everyone together.

We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us for 2023 and we can’t wait to bring you with us on the journey!


Thanks for this.

Could you share some of the roadmap ideas to keep us involved and help us consider remaining customers of Curve?

As others express, it’s very disappointing at the moment having been a customer and continually receiving poor customer experience for the most part.

What could you tell us, just one piece, that would encourage us to stay?


Probably wasn’t announced before the event in case customers wandered down to ask for updates on their open support tickets!


That could explain something…

Hey, I’ll be posting a Q4 roundup+ what to expect in 2023 post later this month so stay tuned. :+1:


Yippee Ki Yay :yum:
delicious Curve :credit_card: year 2023 coming we all hope.
Q4 roundup just great


Hey Joel, any update for what you mentioned about the Q4 roundup and 2023 roadmap?

Any updates on that Q4 roundup and 2023 roadmap? Nearly mid-Jan already…


Did we miss the update? Or has it been cancelled?

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Updates forever promised, then chased, but never arrive…