Curve upgrade blue to black

I was wondering if you upgrade your curve card from Blue to Black are you able to use all of the Black upgrade features on the blue card while waiting for your Black card to arrive? And if I do upgrade when does my blue card get cancelled - is it when I activate the black one?

I’m going on holiday shortly and would like to pay for the unlimited FX, won’t have time for the black to arrive but also don’t want my blue to get cancelled while in out there!

Your Blue card will remain active until you activate your black card, but your black benefits will become active straight away.


Hey @Will2, welcome to the Curve Community, it’s great to have you!

Your Black subscription benefits will kick in as soon as you upgrade and will work alongside your Blue Curve card until it’s replaced. The Blue Curve card will continue working for 14 days or until the replacement Black Curve card is activated in the Curve app.

It’s possible that your Blue Curve card may stop working with your devices in these 14 days such as with Apple, Samsung or Google Pay but the physical Blue Curve card will continue to work.

I hope this has helped and let me know if I haven’t explained anything fully for you!

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Perfect, that’s exactly what I was after and great to know! Thank you!

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