Curve upgrade glitches - being charged multiple times BY CURVE

Hi - I tried to upgrade my curve card yesterday & it got stuck in a loop charging me multiple times & has not updated the app so it still only allows me to add 2 cards.

Also seems to have caused an issue where it thinks I’m a new member offering me a 90 day trial & then telling me to upgrade.

I can’t get anything from support (even attempted to upgrade again to metal to see if I can actually get a response, but same issue - attempts to charge me multiple times & wont upgrade)

Support still says 3-5 days as it doesn’t recognise I am metal.

I now seem to have three different cards being sent out to me - so it isn’t just the app, it is feeding all these orders through.

I’ve stared to raise a dispute with my bank as I just can’t get hold of Curve - but thought I’d post here first to check.

Please help!

Is there a phone number for curve?

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

There is a number for Curve but unfortunately it’s not for your use case, as it’s a lost and stolen card line only.

Have you contacted Curve via the following email address or via the Curve application of itself?

You can also try via their Twitter page @AskCurve as I’ve seen users get help via that as well.

Alternatively you can use the support page on the Curve website to send a message to Customer Services.

Thanks for your question.

Thanks Patrice - I have messaged curve everywhere & finally got a response through one of the Twitter accounts that someone will look into the issue - do you know how long they are likely to take to actually address a problem? I’ve never come across a company where support is this bad (and also requires payment to access proper support!)


Unfortunately I can’t give you a timescale as it could be affected by many factors. I have no knowledge of the inner workings of Curve so I couldn’t tell you even if I wanted to.



I’m experiencing this exact issue.

I had Curve X and upgraded to Metal yesterday and after being stuck in a loop where my payment was declined as another app wanted me to open and approve the transaction I paid with another card which went through fine.
Now however it shows I have a metal card in the card details section and my Apple Pay card has updated, I have had a confirmation email but all other areas of the app keep telling me to upgrade.

Also my Apple Pay has not worked at all today, as it doesn’t think the card exists but my old physical curve x card IS working.

I’ve opened a support chat and sent screenshots of everything so waiting to hear back

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I’ve just had my first new curve card - expecting another 2 to turn up if the emails I am getting are correct! Still can’t access any premium features - I now have an in app reply saying curve will look into it, but no refunds have been processed and no sign of anything happening

Update: curve have responded to refund the extra charges - apparently they are working on the issue that some customers don’t have the features they have paid for.

I have had one Curve Black card turn up in the post - no sign of the metal card yet.

Haven’t had a response from them since Monday or Tuesday (the in app help doesn’t have time stamps)

Another update - noticed that despite my card showing as the white metal card in the app the timeline fore my card being delivered has now also disappeared. Guess I’m not even getting the card now?

Still no more updates from support

Ok - metal card arrived! Will I be able to use it though? And will I ever get any of the features I am paying for? I actually have no idea if I could even cancel my subscription now - the app doesn’t recognise I have upgraded so unless support do something (Ha!) will I just keep being charged?

Update: Curve have now taken three separate insurance policies out in my name - does anyone know if there are any implications to credit or anything of suddenly taking out loads of policy’s at once? I believe this is three lots of travel insurance, mobile cover, extended warranty.

Curve insist I am not a metal customer despite me having the card, paying for it & now getting these policies. Leaving me without the priority support that is clearly advertised & sold as part of the offer for upgrading (nor do I have any extra functionality in the app)

What on earth am I meant to do? Just let curve charge me forever?

EDIT: Curve have now refunded me for the metal card payment (prior to these policies being taken out) but had not informed me they did so - I actually want metal for the priority support being sold as part of the package as I understand you have to pay for reasonable support contact at curve (it certainly is still being advertised as part of premium cards and would misleading if this is not actually the case!). This makes the whole thing with multiple policies being taken out in my name even stranger