Curve US vs EEA weekend fees & reward programm & crypto

Hello Curve team and community,

I am happy to hear that Curve has launched its US version.

However, it raised a few questions when I compared the US to the EEA version:

Weekend FX
The announcement about weekend fees for EEA are confusing and the community and leaves room for discussion, e.g.
international weekend fee Currency conversion fee outrag
How does currency conversion rate work?

Checking the Curve US website it states:

Avoid fees. Get zero foreign exchange fees.

Does that mean there is no weekend mark-up in the US?
Is there anything planed about weekend fees for EEA?

curve reward program
While for EEA it was announced that the curve reward program will be wind down the US website states about cash back in crypto:

Looking to get into cryptocurrency? Start here. When you opt-in to the Crypto Rewards program, you can automatically convert earned cashback into the token of your choosing. From Bitcoin to Ethereum and Cardano, you’ve got 10 tokens to choose from. Already earning crypto with another card? Even better - Add it to Curve and stack those rewards.

Are those features available for EEA customers? Or are they planed?

Looking forward to hear from Curve!

The Curve fee schedule unfortunately still very clearly states a weekend fee :frowning:

I would guess that it’s much easier to fund cashback in the United States, where interchange fees aren’t capped by Regulation (EU) 2015/751.

I’m not at all surprised: just look at how much more generous in terms of benefits credit cards are in the U.S.

I’m very surprised - as whilst the interchange fees aren’t capped so Curve can charge vendors more, Curve themselves are in turn charged more by their customers’ cards.

Curve started off operations in the UK by not looking too closely at customer applications and gave out business Curve cards (which have high interchange fees, i.e. income to Curve) linked to personal credit cards (which have low interchange fees, i.e. outgoings to Curve) and this was one of their main income streams advertised during a funding round.

Since Curve were told to clamp down on business cards for personal users, they’ve lost this delta and income stream - every transaction on average loses a little bit of money. Unless they can get US customers adding cards with low interchange fees, they’re still going to lose cash on every transaction.