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Anyone know who is eligible for the US Curve card? I was on the waitlist and when I tried to sign up in the app, it says that I am not eligible. A bit disappointed.

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Did you receive an email that you can signup for curve in the US? If not whats your current waitlist position?

Card Holder Agreement:

Waitlist Terms:

“Joining the waitlist to apply for a Curve credit card does not guarantee eligibility for the card. …”


I did get an email as I was top 100 on the waitlist so thats why im not sure


What device did you use?
Is it rooted or jailbroken?

Did you use the exact same email during the signup process?
If there was a unique link in the email did you use it to signup?


Make sure you reach out to US support. I had the same issue but they fixed it. (however if your credit isn’t good that may be the reason why you’re not eligible?)

My credit is excellent and when I put my address in, I was denied. I can’t imagine why?? It’sa standard address no P.O. Box and no explanation?

Hello @Michael3,

Curve asks multiple credit reporting agencies what your credit score is. Even if you think your score is good there could be something negative stored in the database of one of the credit agencies which could result in a denial of your application.

You can get in touch with the US Customer Support:

Thank you for your reply. I have access to all three bureau reports and my credit score from various sources. I really highly doubt it is a credit report issue but I guess I can’t be sure of what I don’t know. That’s my issue. Support says they can’t tell me because of privacy issues why I’ve been denied and Im not told whatever the reason is to be sure it is a correct reason. To be honest, I’m not even sure if that’s legal as there are fair lending laws that give you the opportunity to know and refute any time a credit report is used and a company denies you credit but I digress….I’m just not even that sure if my report was pulled or it might be some mismatch like my phone number of record doesn’t match my cell or just a plain old mistake. It seems kinda crazy to me.

I had the best luck reaching out on Twitter. They were able to help me where the normal support email could not.

Thank you I appreciate your info. I THINK I figured it out despite neither twitter or email helping me. I was using a google voice phone number for sign up and although I received text message verifications from them fine I think it somehow flagged me at the final stage. I tried signing up again using a regular cell number and a different email address and it went right through. Go figure.

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I have run into other companies’ verification processes that require a real cellphone as a way of helping reduce fraud.

So it makes sense to do, especially since a cellphone is required anyway, but they should tell you that during the application process. Glad you figured it out.