Curve USA- The wait is almost over


Calling all US Curvers:us: :us:

:us: The wait is almost over :us:

Sign up to our US waitlist now to stay updated and be one of the first to get your hands on a Curve US card.

In addition to the waitlist, today, we are launching three new US-specific social channels; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These channels will be dedicated to bringing you all things Curve US including; news, updates offers and information.




Our US offering will consist of all the same features that make Curve so unique;

  • Rewards :moneybag: Curve gives customers the opportunity to earn miles, points and cashback on whatever card they use regardless of whom they bank with. Curve will also give their customers extra cashback on top. \

  • GBiT :previous_track_button: Gives you the ability to switch a payment made on one card to another after the original payment is made. Curve has given customers up to 30 days after the initial payment to make this switch.

  • Pay Your Way-Contactless :iphone: US customers now have the ability to make all their cards contactless. Customers can add all their Mastercard, Visa and Discover Financial Services Diners Club network cards to Curve so they can pay and be on their way. Customers who have cards that are non-compatible with Google Payor ApplePay can now add those to Curve and pay with the flick of a wrist.

  • Free Foreign Exchange Rates :ringer_planet:We have zero foreign exchange fees––which means so does any card you add. Work, Travel, Save, Repeat. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, Curve has you covered!



Would US customers get 0 forex fees on all days?

I thought uk has some markup on weekends.

A bit of a typo there, Instagram and Instagram.

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I corrected it.


Seems there is nowhere to track my position in the queue now.

Wondering the signup from last year still counts

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When you signed up to the waitlist you will have been supplied with an individual URL, you will be able to track your position using that.

Let me know if still have a problem and I will look into it for you!


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Hi, I know this is an edge case… but I am a Metal user currently residing in Norway and am soon (4 months) relocating back to the USA. Any way to keep the account and all that or do I have to completely shutdown everything and start from zero?

I will raise this question with the team and get back to you with an answer.


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@Bella is this user account on Reddit owned by Curve team USA, u/CurveUs?

Thanks for the reply. I just checked the link in the email I received, but it does not show any position by clicking that link. in fact, the link brings me to the regular sign up page for the waiting list.

Should I post the URL here so that you can take a look?