Curve USA - The wait is almost over


I don’t think this has been answered, are we going to be able to have a CurveUS and CurveEU cards? That way I can avoid FX whenever I can.

I’m fairly sure that you’re not going to be able to have both EU and US cards at the same time.

We’re also fairly sure you won’t be able to have both cards, but this is yet to be 100% confirmed, will update once we know!

Why not? What’s the issue behind that?

Because you cannot have two permanent addresses at the same time.

(I wish I could have a US BIN debit card on my name without an US address somehow.)

Hmmm but I own property in both places. Have my US home address and my EU home address. I have bank accounts and credit cards in both places. That’s why I don’t see why I can not have a
Curve in both places. If you have all that’s required why not? Thanks for the answers.

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That’s why:

Probably on the 7th of September what is next Tuesday.

Is Curve out in the US yet?

Any updates on USA waitlist ? When to expect to get card in usa ?