Curve users not showing curve icon so can't send money

I’ve raised this to curve a couple of months ago and it’s still not fixed. Certain curve users don’t have the curve symbol next to their name when you go to send money… hence I can’t. If I try they get a link to sign up.

Anyone else having these issues?

They must have allowed access permission :unlock: to their contacts :busts_in_silhouette: and activated Curve Send feature :money_with_wings: on their phone :iphone:, otherwise there is no “Curve” symbol on their name in your contact list. :deaf_man:

Not true Petr, we have all authorised contacts etc but still the contact in my curve app doesn’t show the Curve symbol.

Brother can send me funds… if I go to send him it there is no symbol and I only get the option of a payment link to be sent which subsequently fails as obviously he is already a curve user…

Educated guess…could you check how your brother’s phone number is saved in your phone and how your brother’s phone number is registered at Curve. Is there a mismatch? E.g. 07911 123456 versus +44 7911 123456.

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Yep both in standard UK format. 07743…

No difference to anyone else’s… wife shows Curve symbol and hers is stored exactly the same way.

I’ve been trying to send a payment to a friend who also has Curve but the app was sending a payment link… I then went to settings to enable payments with friends and when I try to switch on the button to “make yourself discoverable”, it immediately switches back off.

Could anyone help me with this please? Thank you

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Uninstall and reinstall the app, if the problem persists, don’t hesitate to reach the support.

This is a known issue. I have friends.with curve some are payable with curve some arnt.

No idea why.

All contacts are correct and permissions granted.

Hello @Liam548,

Cand you edit your post and indicate which device you have and which version of Curve and OS?

This makes it easier for devs to handle the bug.

Hi Mattia

I’ve done this about 4 times now, so I don’t want to sound rude but please look at your systems as your colleagues are fully aware of all the issues I and others are having sending cash to other curve users.

In a nutshell, latest android version all up to date on Note 10 plus 5G.


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Hi @Liam548 for clarity us moderators are just normal users such as yourself, we don’t have access to user accounts, etc. Curve employees are identified with Curve in their username.


I do realise this thank you either way Curve are aware of the issues with sending funds between users.

Nothing wrong with the user ends, similar to the Rewards issue for Samsung Curve users, again nothing wrong with our ends.

Really don’t want to sound rude but I am slightly tired to say the least of jumping through pointless hurdles in fault finding when I know there is nothing wrong my end.