Curve: Verification

As Curve starts to verify more customers, I’d like to detail my experience of his process so that Curve might improve how they handle customer verification.

When Curve set up their new payment processing and re-launched their services, I noticed that my card was being rejected on occasion but Apple Pay still worked so, I thought it was just something being worked on.

As the week progressed, I noticed my card was now always being declined but Apple Pay was still working. My main trigger was that when using my card for an AirBnB, the payment debited my account four times but was declined.

I contacted Curve who said:

We approved the transaction, however, the merchant then declined it. We charged your card when we approved the transaction, and then refunded you immediately once it was declined. You should see the amount we charged drop off your payment card statement and reflected in your balance in the next 3-5 working days.

It’s not clear why it declined; we will look into this for you now.

I followed up but didn’t hear back so I decided to call in. That’s when I was first told I needed to verify my documents. Previously there was no email, notification of mention of this in my emails to Curve to discuss my payment issues.

I was sent a link to verify which was fine, these things need to be done to comply with regulations but they should have been able to see this was needed from my initial contact.

I submitted my documents which were accepted and then received a second email to send a photo of a bank card and a statement. Sounds normal right? Sure, except I was asked to verify a card I have never owned.

I replied to let them know this, there was no acknowledgment of the error which further delayed my verification, and was then asked to verify a different card. This time it was a card I had added to Curve but never used - not even for one transaction. How does this make sense?

It’s been about a week now since these problems arose, I’m still waiting for my secondary documents to be looked at but it’s obvious from my communication with them that they are following the same, impersonal, non communicative and snail paced route for customer verification that Revolut are famous for. I really hope this is temporary due to the current Wirecard and rebuilding fiasco.

I love the product but sometimes the processes are unbearably backwards and slow.

If you’re asked to verify, please ensure the details in the email you’ll hopefully get eventually are correct.


Still yet to hear anything, still being ignored - whether it’s polite emails or annoying tweets.

They fixed everything - Glory to Curve, I submit myself once again.


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