Curve Visa Card


Is it possible you could issue a Curve Visa card as well? Lately I’ve come across several shops that do not accept MasterCard, but only Visa. Visa seems to be accepted almost everywhere I go, so it would really be useful to be able to get a Visa card instead of a MasterCard! :slight_smile:

Let them start with issuing a Curve Visa card (voted) and I will ask them to issue a Curve Maestro card later :blush:.

Why instead? I want to have both! :money_mouth_face:

I’m curious—where was this (what country)? In the UK and US, I’ve never seen a shop take MC and not Visa (or vice versa). I’m sure it happens, I’ve just never seen it.


I know that 7-Eleven in Thailand only accepts Visa. Such exclusivity doesn’t usually happen in Europe and/or USA.

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Some payment services like ecoPayz only accept topping up with Visa cards. PayPal also in some countries only accept Visa cards for transfering money from PayPal balance to you.

Paypal only transfers money to cards in very few countries, so I don’t see that being a reason to have Visa :thinking:

I’m in Denmark, Europe! Lots of shops do not accept MasterCard here, whereas Visa is pretty much accepted everywhere.


That’s interesting. Do you know the reason for that? Costs?

I have no clue honestly.

I think it is because of this:

The Visa Dankort, Visa Electron and Maestro have fewer fees for the merchant than Mastercard.


Makes me wonder if these same merchants would reject non-Danish Visa cards or, since that (accepting Danish Visa cards, but rejecting non-Danish Visa cards) might not be allowed, ask a fee for it.
So if in that case making Curve a Visa card would solve the problem (as they still might be rejected or a fee will be asked).

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Yeah that’s prolly why! Pretty much every dane have a Dankort/Visa card. It’s issued by every bank in the country.

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From wikipedia:

  • Due to the higher fees charged by banks for the use of non-Danish issued cards (that consist of foreign card network interchange fees plus Danish banks own fees), many Danish merchants only accept Dankort and Danish-issued credit cards, but not foreign cards. Some merchants might not even accept cards with foreign brands (such as Visa, MasterCard, and so on) since these cards were identified as foreign cards by the merchants, even if they are Danish-issued.

Yeah, so a Curve Visa card might not solve this problem. I still want it, though, and a Maestro one :wink:.

So Dankfort is a totally different scheme separated from Visa or MasterCard. Seemingly it just so happens that there are dual scheme Dankfort/Visa and Dankfort/Maestro cards and not Dankfort/MasterCard. Those cards are using Dankfort in places that don’t accept Visa, Maestro or MasterCard.

What would be needed is a Dankfort Curve card

Additionally that table in Wikipedia is outdated given the current interchange fee cap. Likely accepting MasterCard or Visa would be the same cost as Dankfort. Merchants still haven’t caught up to it or there’s not enough demand

Dankfort? Lmao. Maybe we should change the name to that, sounds way better.

:sweat_smile: it seems autocorrect got its way. Still, doesn’t change the point

Hehe good point!
I only saw banks offering VISA Dankort in Denmark. So far I know VISA is what banks decided to used when Dankort was founded. But again, I am not an expert at all on the matter, so sorry I cant answer more questions with speculating :slight_smile:

I have personally never seen a shop decline a Visa card, doesn’t matter if it’s a foreign visa or not, so I can personally disprove that point.

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Costco in the UK will only accept Visa, Maestro or Amex … they do not accept Mastercard and when I’ve tried to use my Curve card the transaction was refused by the machine saying “use another card”

I have had success paying at Costco from my Starling (Mastercard) account using Apple Pay … it’s a shame that Curve (still) doesn’t support Apple Pay after all this time …