Curve with base currency in EUR for all EU customers

Curve has set up a new office in Lithuania, along with a local subsidiary for EU customers following the Brexit but GBP is still a base currency in Curve app. Why is that?
I do believe that all EU customers should have EUR as a base currency.


Hello @pablo, you can change the currency on card settings :thinking:

No, I do not see option to change base currency in Curve app.
What I mean by base currency is currency shown in Curve Card limits, Curve Cash and in Curve subscription.
Cashback is calculated based on spend in GBP, not in EUR, so unnecessary currency conversion takes place.
Brexit is done and GBP should have been replaced with EUR on Jan 1st 2021.


I guess that depends on whether you have a card with a “country-specific” BIN or the original UK BIN. I have asked them to reissue my card with country-specific BIN and my currency in limits has changed from GBP to EUR.

Card has been replaced with a “country-specific” BIN for Ireland. GBP is still there.

I agree that it will be more logical to show EUR currency for EU customers. Or better - even offer that choice for user to decide which currency to show.

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My Curve app is displaying everything in £, although I’m in Europe.
Is there a way to default it to €?


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Card limits still shows in £ for me too (EU customer with euro as default currency). Makes not much sense, but it is what it is.

That is very strange. Everything (except Curve Cash) displays in EUR for me.

You probably have a localized, Spanish BIN card, while Roger has a UK BIN card. He can request a new one via customer service.