Curve with Starling and 'online payments' off

I tried to use my Curve with Starling as the underlying card. I had ‘online payments’ off for security purposes.

Online purchase using Curve.

Then switched online on.
It went through.

So an online transaction using Curve goes through as online on Starling I assume. Makes logical sense.

Any transaction with Curve will go as “online” on your underlying card.


ah I did not know that thanks. I thought maybe an in-store payment with Curve would also be tagged as in-store on Starling.


That’s exactly right, all transactions made using Curve will be seen by your underlying card issuer as being an e-commerce transaction with the merchant Curve. We do still pass on the Merchant Category Code (MCC) to your issuer, so they will still know if you have made withdrawals from an ATM :slightly_smiling_face:

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