Curve won’t link to Apple Pay

So I’ve tried linking my curve card to my Apple Pay through the wallet app and the Curve app and nothings working. I’ve attached an image of the error message I come across when I try to do this.

I also get a declined transfer about 5 minutes afterwards it fails.

I’m just guessing but it looks like you had Curve Cash selected while adding Curve to Apple Pay and the verification charge was declined. Maybe try selecting a real Visa/MC card first.

Yeah I tried a real card aswell, still not working

Hey @Nolex welcome to the Community! I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team ( so they can look into this for you.

I have but they haven’t gotten back to me

Don’t worry, they will! They’re receiving a lot of messages at the moment so it might take a little longer to get a reply but nobody will be ignored.

I had a similar problem and it took support about a week to sort it out. For my case verification SMS was always not delivered. Contacted support and they sorted it from their end.

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They just told me other people reported the same issue and said they were looking into it but they haven’t tried to help me fix it individually

May be problem is on their end, so you won’t be able to fix it yourself

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So around a month ago I came here with this issue and they said they were working towards a fix but it still doesn’t work and this is really inconvenient for me. It still shows the same error I seriously need to put my card on Apple Pay

Ehi @Nolex,
How are you trying to add the card? From the Curve app or directly from the Wallet?

I’ve tried both

This is still an issue for me. :sweat_smile: