Curve works with merchants that Monzo does not

So glad I brought my Curve with me as I’ve been let down using Monzo on quite a few occasions. A few merchants have continued to decline my Monzo card (not impressed - why would Monzo be declined but Curve not? ) but the Curve works flawlessly in the same merchants with Monzo as the underlying card.

Thanks Curve! Love the blue card design btw



May I know who are the merchants? I’ve never had issues with Monzo before. Just like you, I’m using Curve mainly these days with Monzo as the underlying card. :blush:

I’m overseas at the moment so just issues with some local pos units.

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Ah I see, do get in touch with Monzo regarding the card acceptance issue. Enjoy your trip. :money_mouth_face:

Could it be because Monzo is a prepaid debit card, whereas Curve’s latest cards are no longer classed as prepaid, but just standard debit cards?

Monzo is not pre-paid. Full debit

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Was a prepaid card it’s now since becoming a full UK bank account they now issue non prepaid debit Mastercards.


Ive had issues using Monzo in the kitty cafe in Leeds, where they had a sign saying they’ll not accept Monzo

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wt.? Its a normal current account same as Starling. If you can pay for your bill what’s the issue?

Over time (short time) there will be more and more people using digital banks only.

I think it’s from when Monzo used to be prepaid, they might not process transactions in real time so they maybe declined after when people didn’t have enough funds or perhaps blocked the card to stop the transaction working

ah so they are stuck in the past with the old pre-paid business? They need informing that its a full debit account in real time now.
I don’t think you can block a transaction once processed can you?

Yeah think thought perhaps blanket say no to Monzo based on being burnt in the past

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Sounds like they need to keep up with the times :man_shrugging:

Thank you for the kind words @CJD! Thrilled that you are happy with your Curve card :heart_eyes:


I have never had an issue with Monzo and along with Curve they have brought UK consumer banking into the 21st Century. Any retailer not accepting it needs to sort themselves out not decline the card.

Hmmm that’s interesting as it would breach the MasterCard rules. They aren’t allowed to pick and choose which MasterCard’s or which visas to accept long as the card is valid. I’d report this to Monzo

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