Curve X Feedback

Hey everyone, :wave:

Firstly, if you haven’t already then please check out our Curve X announcement post here!

Secondly, we’d love to hear your feedback in this thread on your experience with this change to our subscriptions. Regardless of whether you’ll be moving to Curve X, remaining on the new Free subscription or anything in between your feedback is incredibly valuable!

The goal is to gather meaningful feedback that can be acted upon by our Product and Engineering teams to make quick and needed improvements to the Curve experience with you in mind!


The post also mentions extended warranty and ticket insurance but the faq doesn’t seem to reflect this? Any more info?


Will the grandfathered Black card holders still be getting the same benefits as the new black card (with the exception of the insurance benefits)?

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Hmm, are you serious??
2 cards only with the free tier? With this Curve actually kill them self? How could be Curve a replacement all of my cards, if it is limited to only 2?!?
I can understand all other limitation to push people to higher tier, but limiting the link-able cards number will actually distract new customers to register at all. (Hint: non registered people will not apply to higher tier later.)


This might be the end for me. I’ve been a user of the free card for years at this point and I know the company has to make money but recent experiences have made me think more and more about stopping using it. I had an issue where Curve incorrectly handled refunds a couple of times and I wouldn’t have even noticed if I hadn’t checked my bank statements carefully. Once discovered it took almost a month for support to fix the problem and give me back my money, often taking 1+ week to respond to each message and telling me it wasn’t their fault until someone in the right team with the right access finally admitted it was them.

Why would I want to pay for that level of support?


Why would anyone want to use Curve with just two cards? Google Pay offers unlimited cards and there’s no need to have a physical card, and transactions show up in the account directly. For just better exchange rates, it’s not such a hassle to use Revolut once in a while after all.


There are still a bunch of cards out there which don’t support Apple or Google Pay, and as far as I know, Rewards are still going to be available for everyone.


I’m new to curve and not really happy about this to be honest. GBIT is a great feature and whilst I appreciate them offering a 60% discount (£1.99 for a year) for unlimited GBIT. This will revert back to £4.99 after that year. The free version will only allow 2 payment cards. For someone like me that has multiple cards this is frustrating. I fee blindsided ><


Hey Curve, are you actually participating in competition for the dumbest idea ever? :smiley:

I’m sorry but the only benefit of using Curve was the convenience to have multiple cards linked to Curve. With that gone (well, limit to 2 cards is basically like not having multiple cards in Curve) I don’t see many reasons to still use Curve (caveat, I have like 3 bank accounts and one CC only in yet another bank and I pay no fees for those so 5 pounds for Curve X, which is still limited is for me expensive AS F…; those regular cards even offer better exchange rates as they use simply MC rates). I get that need to earn profit but considering this change and recent issues with making payments altogether (making Curve not very reliable) this seem like shooting oneself in the foot.
(the whole scheme may probably be also due to changes in banking systems and fees in different countries but from my perspective the offer is simply huge “MEH” :D)

I wonder how you would deal with existing free-tier users? Randomly remove cards?

EDIT: also, usually majority of startups stick with what was offered for free and add additional, paid stuff – see recent Telegram premium subscription)


If Curve wants to make money, offer a second physical card on the same account. Now that would be a reason to upgrade to a higher tier for me. It’s a feature that people have been asking for for years!


Only recently found out about curve because i wanted to use a card for my garmin watch. Been using it every since for most of my purchases because it works really well and i can go back in time if the wrong card is selected. Im not going to pay 5 bucks for unlimited GBIT sorry (yea 2 bucks the first year). I’ll rather use my free cards separately than pay more per month than my Visa costs. I think this is the wrong decision but do as you please. Deleting the account is simple enough.


I have about 10 cards on the free curve!! This is a shock to me - really frustrating!

If I want to rotate them do I need to remove and add each time?
I wonder if there is a limit to the amount of times you can delete and add the same card??

2 cards I mean come on!! Defeats the whole concept of the curve card!!


I have 3 card now: what will happen now? Am I losing one of the card randomly?
What does “Only customers with a premium subscription will be able to add a commercial card” mean? What are commercial cards?
I don’t know…


Like others this will make me seriously consider whether or not I will continue to use curve. I don’t use GBIT vast amounts, but I am someone who has many cards and often switches my main card depending on where I can get the best offers. The main use of it for me is switching these cards without having to change card number anywhere, and with only two cards it kills the main use. I really don’t want to pay for “Curve X” which really feels like it should be free still, as the free tier is just so limited as to be useless.


Only 2 cards, lol. That was THE major USP.
Curve will lose lots of customers because people don’t like to pay upfront.

Don’t think that as a European paying in € you’ll still need Curve then since most cards support Apple/G Pay nowadays. The few cards that don’t just lose.
Only in countries with not lots of NFC POS, like the U.S., you’d need a physical mag stripe / Chip card.

GbIT is also useless for free users then.

As free black user the benefits are still great though!

I have no idea whats up with Curve. All the other banks / fintechs release new features much faster than Curve.
Curve is stuck with the same bugs we’ve asked for years to get fixed with no ETA or solution whatsoever.
Instead, Curve is pushing for higher membership levels instead of bringing the features & fixing the bugs the community has asked for YEARS!


I’m sorry but this is a kick in the face for those have supported you from the beginning, not to mention investors who actually put money into curve


I think the GBiT limitations for the free tier are acceptable and make sense.

The smart rules limitation does not make sense, simply bacause sometimes in order to have a specific rule you need to combine two of them, for example Netflix is classified as “bills” by Curve, and if I want only Netflix to go on a specific card and all the other transactions to the main card, I need to have first a rule saying that if the amount is greater than the Netflix cost, go on the main card, and a second rule, which only gets triggered when the amount is lower than the previous rule, saying that if it is a bill it must go the my chosen card.
So one only smart rule can also mean less than one on a practical level, based on the user requirements. At this point just disable smart rules completely for the free tier, it turns out more honest, it makes more sense.

Most importantly, to allow to link only 2 cards in the free tier is the most absurd limitation, because there is no point in having Curve at all for the 99% of the users.


Yes, absolutely, add another card to your wallet in order to save 2 cards, so you save 1 card in total, makes no sense.


Only 2 cards, and not to mention that absolutely hideous card design if you go for Curve X? Bye bye Curve!


If they had included some kind of cash back even just one firm that may have helped me decide to go for the 1.99 offer but at the moment I’m unsure.

Both black and metal are overpriced for what they are so a cut on either of those might have led me to subscribe to those. Most people get insurance through other means airport lounges aren’t that appealing to most people. Why didn’t you rejig both black and metal plans to make them more appealing ?