Curve X Feedback

Most probably :+1:t4:

Ah man that’s a shame. :pensive:

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Curve’s USP was clear - ‘All Your Cards in One’.

Users were happy enough to hold their nose and overlook the lies that came from Curve HQ, such as

  • ‘We’re suing Amex’
  • ‘We’ll have an update on Creation cancelling Curve users’ cards soon’
  • ‘There’s no fees for using your card abroad this summer’
  • ‘Curve Metal comes with mobile phone insurance’

but taking away your USP from the majority of your customers is - at best - a brave decision.


Depends mate, but I can’t see my needing Curve anymore. I’ve not had any subscription for 4 months and realised I spent more for it then what I got back in rewards etc. the product was amazing and world-class 4-5 years ago, now, my free banks provide everything they do (if not better) with the help of ApplePay bringing them all together…


Yeah Curve has stagnated in the last few years but I think money worries or and the urge to earn more money has made Curve be extremely conservative in creating new features or really improving on what they already have, it’s a shame.



Some ‘bycatch’…
Looks like on the page below Curve already mentions a future feature for the Black and Metal subscriptions.

Crypto Rewards: Earn rewards in different crypto currencies

Also in the subscription schedule for Black and Metal

Crypto Rewards - Available to access from the Curve app
Choose to earn rewards in a cryptocurrency instead of Curve Cash points

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Bit worrying for those using GBIT.

I’ve already removed 2 cards and will delete more tomorrow once I quickly do 2 x GBITs. I just moved several GBITs (and pre-orders for goods from Amazon changed payment card) and of course got a security warning from the new card for too many transactions. D’oh.

Anyway, this time tomorrow I will be totally DeCurved and can get back normal card use without Curve.

I think my trust has gone too which is sad.


Maybe best the people running Curve look at that thread and the 100s of YouTube videos of people recommending the old version of Curve.

I quite understand the company need to make some money, but I do not think I am going to switch to X.

I have used Curve for quite some time and I have been very pleased so far. I think Curve should make X more tempting. Now it is basically the same service they have been offering for free and I can not justify paying for it.

Quite likely I will switch to using Google Pay since I do not need physical card at all.


Since when new features will be effective for new Metal users?

What I would like to know if Curve is really losing money, when users link more cards/use Curve more frequently? If yes, it makes sense to them limit free tier by limiting card count to 2. Otherwise, I really dont see any benefits doing this to push ppl to paid tier. If they want free tier ppl to use card less, then make such rule - like allow overall 90 transactions per month only with unlimited linked cards or something like that.


Wouldn’t it make more sense to charge for FX on the free card instead, and keep the number of cards the same or at 5 on the free level? I imagine it is free FX, GBIT and paying with a credit card that is costing the money, and with more cards stored in Curve surely one would be more likely to need to use GBIT beyond the limits of the free card, thereby upgrading. I’m not seeing how extra cards = extra costs for Curve once the limits come in. This would also allow Curve to keep its USP of all your cards in one place.

I am grateful for the notice as I will need to GBIT just after these changes come in, and this means that I will likely leave Curve at home nearer to the time to avoid running out of GBIT use and achieve what I need on the free level. It just means a bit more thinking before I make a transaction, where before I rarely changed cards while out and about and would just move them later if I needed to.

I can’t see that new customers will be coming aboard at £4.99 delivery fee, given how limited the free level will be compared to when we joined. Perhaps the £4.99 for X is designed in the hope that people will try it for a month rather than pay the delivery charge and then decide to keep it - presumably there will be no charge for downgrading as this would seem very unfair to Black or Metal users who might not be able to afford them going forward with the cost of living going up and a recession possible.

Please could you clarify how often free users can charge their stored cards if not taking my suggestion to raise that limit instead of maintaining the free FX, so that I may plan ahead for it also? Also, for GBIT, is it x day in one month to x day in the next that counts, or a calendar month? Thank you


Hi Nicola,

As indicated in the e-mail, 60 days from receipt of this e-mail :slight_smile:

59 days to think which cards to remove. Maybe they will allow 3 cards…who knows. FAQ says “up to 3 cards” in free tier.

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Well, Curve at least imagined it! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
A new fantastic offer for current users of free tier Curve card is on the table: you will be able to slash all your connected cards except for two - so you will still be able to switch between your cards, won’t you?

So nice…
…for Samsung pay and other similar services which will - no doubts - emerge on the market…

So enjoy your new even more adjusted to your needs Curve card! :wink:

EDIT: Since my post was moved here, it lost the original topic header. So I add it again :slight_smile:

How do you tell a client that Curve doesn’t need him not saying “get out”?

Thank you, as Metal user i didn’t received any email, that’s why my concern.
60 days it’s a perfect time range

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I cannot confirm this. Recently used Curve for online payment and there was 3DS offered via 2 ways: sms and app. I choose app, and was able to finish it.

Thanks @moon, I stand corrected. I was able to use it via app (just needed to turn on notifications back). Which brings me to the topic of notifications granularity: More granular notification options

Sorry for my bad english.
Curve is shooting his feets with this “downgrade”.
The main reason why Curve exist is to reduce the number of cards in my wallet, with the new downgrade this reason doesn’t exist anymore.

The free tier should be something like

  • up to 5 cards
  • up to 1 GBIT (500 £/€ max per month)
  • up to 2 smart rules

The new X tier should be something like

  • up to 10 cards
  • unlimited GBIT (1000 £/€ max per month)
  • up to 10 smart rules
  • cost 1£/€ per month

You would even suggest adding limits in terms of the monetary amount one can GBiT? Don’t encourage them, please… Adding limitations seems to be their forte.

When first release the unique USP of Curve was the ability free your wallet and have a single card for credit cards and debit cards, the possibility of using Amex as one of those cards to front it where AMEX was not accepted and GBIT. None of the benefits to subscribing to a specific tier were of particular interest but that could have changed.
However, the latest changes and its pricing seem incomprehensible when there are IMHO better products out there where carrying an extra card or two becomes a no brainer.
With Chase and Starling banks are Fee-free FX, Barclaycard rewards and Nationwide CC are Fee-free FX and Barclaycard rewards has 0.25% cashback non of which I have to pay for.
Moving all the way up to the Curve metal card where for 14.99 Month/£ 179.88 Year Worldwide Travel Insurance, Mobile phone insurance, Airport lounge access the better value is the Nationwide Flex account which has a cost of £13 month/£156 year and provides Worldwide Travel Insurance, Mobile phone insurance, Breakdown cover but for Curve this is.
This seems similar to the Tandem credit card where the company has not looked at with wider market and are misreading their fintech users. Trying to make the changes palatable to the current user base and provide realistic incentives for them to change tiers (£23.99 for a year at the base subscription level before moving to £59.88 after a year) and expect current user base to accept the changes when better alternate products are available seems a strange strategic move.