Curve X Feedback

Something similar has been suggested in the topic below

But in this topic is suggested that users can pick different benefits and not different features, probably because at that time the fact you can/could add as many cards as you like was seen as a given/feature and not as a benefit that comes with the higher subscription tiers.

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What’s Hungarian for trolling? That’s what you’ve been doing on this thread and it doesn’t look good since you’re representing Curve as a moderator.

As I posted above I’ve reduced my Curve usage to almost nothing but I’ll keep it for now.

Curve should make changes to stay in business and I’ve always wondered how they make money but if they can’t make money when I use their facility for £15,000 over a year maybe it’s just a bad business?

Either way I think the idea behind Curve is good (that’s why I signed up) but if it is truly good they should allow everyone who has the present free card to continue as normal because if it’s that good then the new card holders will be happy to pay.

They’ve obviously put a lot of thought into their action and someone somewhere has been forced to damage their most important selling point: All Your Cards in One and Your Wallet in One Card.

Yes, but was ‘free’ but now £10 per month for my 9 cards.

I think Curve need to look of others ways to make money (become a proper bank in the UK?) and not the band wagon of the pyramid scheme and scam of crypto as that truly will blow up in their face.


I am a user of Swatchpay so took the plunge reluctantly to sign up to Curve X as I did not want to be limited to 2 cards on my account but can’t get Swatchpay! to work with the Curve X card so not impressed so far.


Get where you’re coming from and agree when it comes to the value being offered - this suggestion would also require support for joint accounts and full household coverage in order to be a viable alternative to the Nationwide offering, I doubt this is something Curve could realistically go toe-to-toe with them on.


The email states - Changes to the free Curve card will come into effect 60 days from the date this email was sent. If the new limit is applied in sixty days then why could you not add as many underlying cards as you wanted to and the underlying cards will remain on the Curve card until it expires when the limit would be applied? Curve would not be able to move you to a subscription unless you agree to the new level and cannot randomly delete cards from your account. As far as I can see it would be in breach of their own current terms and conditions. This would allow current free users who have undecided if they want to move from the free tier as much time as the expiry date of their underlying card allows.

The benefits and rewards as has been stated don’t justify the cost even for the first year discount IMHO. The USP is not unique anymore apart from GBIT and there are cheaper or free products on the market.

I am also disappointed that as Crowdfunding Investor there has been no investor offers to acknowledge this change as there has already been a financial commitment to the company – Stickers and socks do not cut it.


Absolutely. It is all about value creation. Those who can not do it will have to lose in this high competitive world.
I am starting to look for Curve alternatives, so far found only Vitracash.

2 cards only = Disaster for curve. Hope they dont make the changes. If they do, I can just stop using it and look to sell my shares

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I’m thinking on the same, but how can I sell my shares?

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Hey @andyk, we’ve sent emails to all of our users (excluding those that have requested to be removed from our mailing list) and have posted across all of our socials to make sure everyone is aware of this change. I’m sorry if the email didn’t reach you and this is why we’ve made sure to make news around this change as accessible as possible so no one feels blindsided on August 27th when the changes to the free subscription are implemented.

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Thanks for your feedback so far.

Hi there everyone, thanks for the fantastic feedback and for your honesty in response to some of these changes. I’ve combed through all of your messages and have added key themes with a tally of times raised to a feedback tracker which I’ll provide to our product team. This will also involve a one-to-one feedback meeting with the head of our product team in which I’ll discuss these points with them. Please feel free to continue providing feedback as I’ll continue to pass this along.

2 funding cards limit on Free tier from the 27th of August:

I can also clarify the confusion surrounding the implementation of the 2 card limit for the free tier after the 27th. To confirm, the product team are currently building logic for the app which will automatically limit Free tier users to two active funding cards in the Curve app from the 27th of August.
This means that the claim that you’ll be able to continue using the cards already in your wallet past the 27th of August until they expire or are manually removed is false. However, this is still in development and I will discuss this with the product team, bearing your feedback on this in mind when I do.

I’m sorry for any misinformation that’s been provided and for the confusion caused.

Curve Black Legacy and Legacy cashback

Neither the Curve Black legacy subscription nor the associated cashback benefits of Curve Black Legacy will be affected by the changes that have been made to our subscription model. Curve Black Legacy sits outside of this structure and we don’t anticipate any changes being made to this- I’ll let you know if this changes.


There are no plans to include additional discounts or bonus features for Curve investors outside of the benefits associated with upgrading to Curve X and our premium tiers. However, the team are currently building logic within the app which will allow Investors to upgrade to Curve X and keep their investor cards without the Curve X card being automatically issued to them. If you’re an investor and thinking of upgrading then you may wish to wait for this feature to be fully active in the Curve app. I’ll update once this is live or if the team encounter issues.


I agree, 3 cards would have been acceptable for me, but only 2 cards is absolute nonsense!


UK beta user, big fan & investor here.

Unless I’ve misunderstood things, it’s proposed to have a 2-card limit on the free tier? Any sensible person would always carry a backup card along with their Curve card and indeed I believe this is recommended on the [rare] occasions when Curve has service interruptions.

So carrying a backup card along with a physical Curve card is… a choice two cards. Why bother carrying the curve card, why not just carry two physical credit or debit cards? They take up the same wallet space.

How the Curve tiers should be…in my humble:

Unlimited cards / whatever the current limit is - no other features for free. No free ATM, nothing - just the super-convenient “all my cards in one place” sell that Curve has always been. Once enticed by that, some users may also want to add one of the paid-tiers.

Unlimited cards + a small set of day-to-day features and a £4.99 monthly fee

Everything from “Middle” + travel perks, cash-back and other sexy features at a £9.99 monthly fee

Having such an unattractive free tier is never going to get people onboard. If they’re not onboard, they don’t have a route into the Middle & Premium tiers.


I joined Curve in the early days (at first Blue cards only and then Black for £25 was added). I so much appreciated the novel approach I always mentioned it when I used it as well as many other times… There was the initial growth period, then the introduction of GBIT. … All good but then the Amex connection didn’t work and I would guess that thereafter the business plan turned out to be less than ideal which just resulted in money raising efforts and gimmicks but the needed improvements did not materialize… I have continued to support it by continuing to use it but if Curve thinks I’m going to pay a fee for the convenience of not carrying all my cards they can think again! The moment they want to charge me for more than 2 cards or any of their other offers is the moment we part company and my wallet is coming out of retirement! Who and why would someone sign up for the basic plan? And if not the basic who will sign for the X plan? I do wish Curve well but they must realize, especially in the current economic client, that Curve is a convenience not a necessity. Hope they carry but I fear if they continue like this it won’t be for long…


I’m already checking out VitraCash - just waiting for some more info on their fx fees etc for travelling purposes.


Just FYI, I also didn’t receive the email (and a family member with the card didn’t either).

I just found out about the changes by coming here to the community site.

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Curve messy operation mode is beyond ridicule - they don’t know what’s happening and give contradictory statements (keep only 2, retain all until expired, etc…) :man_facepalming:


What? Apple pay, google pay, etc… Living in a country where NFC payments are ubiquitous there is almost no difference between curve and aforementioned (in my case the main benefit of curve is that I can add it to garmin watch but it’s not like TheMostEssentialThingEver)…


I agree that in the era of ApplePay etc, having a physical card is unnecessary is true in all but one (in my experience) very important exception. Most hotels I stay at require a physical card to swipe at check in. As recently as last week this was very much the case at a Marriott hotel in Pisa I stayed in. Last year I missed out on cashback from an Amex deal because the hotel I had specifically booked to get the cashback refused to accept ApplePay - it had to be the physical card. Perhaps Curve need to change their strapline to 'the only card you will ever need - unless you are staying in a hotel offering cashback!

Inclined to agree. I have 5 cards, but rarely use 2 so they were going as soon as I read the email. So effectively it would mean £1.99 a month (and rising) for the sake of 1 card.

More annoyingly for me my Chase cashback period expires in December, so I would have been more than covered by the ‘cards can continue to be used until they expire or are deleted.’

I think I’ll just keep two debit cards on Curve and carry my credit card as the back up card (I like to know when I need to move to a back up, so I switch anti embarrassment off.)

I’d sooner have FX treated in the same way as Curve Fronted - it’s there, but if I need it then I accept there is a per transaction fee - even just in exchange for 1 more card slot. Reading the comments, it feels like this would remove a lot of the negativity. In a cost of living crisis less of us will be going anywhere to make use of it, or the insurances we end up with if we need 6+ card slots.