Curve X Feedback

That’s the thing they haven’t addressed at all investors have in fact paid their wages - it’s time to repay that faith we have showed in them before it’s too late

That it’s directly contradicting Curve’s official response on Facebook as posted above.

It seems that these changes haven’t been thought out properly, and the details and documentation not fully aligned. How surprising for Curve.


As @Connie says :

  • your “quote” says something (more or less) => you can continue to use all the card that are already in the CURVE APPS without paying anything (free tier / blue card holder) as long as these card doesn’t expire (so about max 5 years)
  • CURVE on FACEBOOK ( moon screenshot ) => if you stay on the free tier, after 60 days you have to choice the only 2 card that will work with CURVE

Luckily for me, I am okay with the free plan. If I had more cards, I wouldn’t pay £4.99 a month just for that ability. I’d rather just carry the extra cards with me.

I would happily pay for the black or metal plan if they had benefits that weren’t just aimed at people that travel. I very rarely travel, I leave the country once every several years. So both plans make no sense for me. So I’ll stick with the free plan, unless something changes.


I am always facinated how companies can justify a backward steps by saying we doing this “… to the new economic climate and ensure we can deliver more of what matter…” This may sound like taking care of customer and introducing aomething better but is is not.
On the hindsight you are not saying anything wrong. What is matter for Curve is money and by limiting free tier to 2 cards you are hoping to push users to £4.99 tier to get more money.


After many years of advocating for curve I will be looking for alternatives. This is sad :pensive:

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Not quite - it is the marketing line ‘All your cards in one app’: the marketing line isn’t ‘All your cards in one app so long as you pay for one of our 2 premium tiers which are price gorged to facilitate benefits you will most likely never need or want’.

Furthermore, the changes have been introduced under the guise of ‘there is an economic storm brewing, and we’ve had to relook at how we price Curve’ - which seems disingenuous when you look at the actual limitations on the free and £4.99/month tiers.

Curve does not incur losses whether there are 2, 5 or 200 cards under a single user account - they are rows in a table on a database, adding minimal overhead, API calls to support a transaction on card 1 incurs the same overhead as API calls to support a transaction on card 176 - in fact an increased number of cards in the app increases the likelihood of Curve facilitating the transaction and thus being able to monetise. Limitations on the number of cards are nonsensical and cannot be attributed to the economic climate.

GBIT is potentially something that costs but Curve will be monetising the transaction either way (as per PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and Google Pay etc) - they still have the transaction so, aside from very specific circumstances, moving from one card to another should be net zero cost for Curve. This again isn’t driven by the economic climate but, for the areas that can be problematic for Curve, then you introduce limitations - be that amount, frequency or the actual cards you can move to/from.

FX doesn’t compete with other providers, quite possibly a loss leader - restrict this further or open up fully so that the user can specify cards to never FX (thus reducing Curve’s likelihood to incur any related costs). Limitations make sense on an economic climate argument but in few scenarios will there be a necessity to go beyond the fee free £2000/month - making the increase in higher tiers a further redundant offer.

Smart rules are not really smart enough to be truly useful (as mentioned above, you have to combine multiple rules) and are clearly not a loss leader - it is automation, hopefully what the majority of the Curve backbone is built upon!

There is a disgruntlement to paying for a service which was free - not advertised as ‘free for now’.

There is a disgruntlement to paying, particularly in countries where you do not have to pay for the privilege of banking, for a ‘middleman’ to provide something that your bank’s issuer does not charge for.

There is a disgruntlement to paying for things that you have no need for: duplicated insurance, airport lounge access, the FX limit increases, all of which are incredibly tone deaf for a business making the argument of needing to introduce these tiers because of ‘an economic storm brewing’.

There isn’t any real objection to paying for things that are truly innovative and are the USP of a business/product - multiple cards in an app isn’t unique (Google Pay et al give you that), GBIT is. ‘Cheaper FX’ is not unique and bettered by multiple players in the market.

Curve could leverage its strengths and introduce/increase subscription income whilst not alienating their users - reasonably tiered GBIT, reasonably tiered FX, opt-ins for what many seem as unnecessary (e.g. insurances, a metal card, unlimited everything) that are separate from the actual USPs - You pick what you want, each altering the cost and flavour in a truly customised way, funnily enough itself qualifying as another USP.

Instead, the change timing and communication is muddled and tone deaf. It manages to make a request for a business to be able to migrate more of its user base to a subscription model to protect itself from potential stormy waters sound like greed and exploitation with deliberately positioned lesser tiers that are functionally defunct and higher tiers providing not enough value and plenty of bloat.


If you only have two cards, you can still have all in the app for free. I know people how use Curve with just a pair of cards.

Well, at the moment there is no direct alternative to Curve, so they would be silly to not to monetize that somehow, especially if the company is still generating losses. It doesn’t matter at all that how or how not complex is to store the data of the cards in the backend, that’s only one single gear in the whole machine.

I believe it’s up to every users to decide if the features of the current paid plans worth the price of a single beer/breakfast/lunch per month or not.

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GBIT being limited I understand, but the 2 card limit is silly


Silly because it forces you to pay for the service?

If - a very big word just 2 letters in length.

It is disingenuous to hide behind ‘an economic storm’ to impose limitations which have no influence on the finances of a business. It is deliberately imposed to remove viability of the lower tiers.

For some and not for others - whilst you are a moderator and not responsible for Curve’s shortsightedness, it is incredibly flippant to write off the costs in such a way when many are struggling with a dilemma of eating or paying ever increasing bills left, right or centre.


Well, in that case you shouldn’t pay a penny for such non-essential services these days. :man_shrugging:t2:


Everybody makes their own choices on how to manage their own finances. Cost of living has no bearing on what I’ve said above.

Of course times are hard and Curve as a company is feeling it like everybody else is. You do know that they had to make people redundant don’t you? No well now you do.

Now going back to Curve, if people can’t afford to pay then simply don’t, no one is forcing them to pay. Simply go with the free plan or if they don’t want to, either due to ideological or financial issues then by all means stop using it. It will be sad to see people leave but once again it’s up to everybody to make their own judgement calls and weigh up what outgoings they can mange.

Curve is a want product not a need product so unfortunately that comes with issues all of it’s own.


Added Curve card to gpay and somewhat it felt very addicting to pay with phone. Made bunch of transactions to test it and even tested cash withdrawal from atm using gpay with nfc atm. It worked. There is at least 1 major bank which provide atms with nfc in my country.

Now I feel temptation to add all my cards to gpay.

Sure, it cannot fully replace physical cards just yet (in those countries where there is no even POS terminals with nfc) or cash is considered king, but for everyday use locally it will work for me.


It’s flippant to say well if you can’t afford it you don’t need to pay it or no one is forcing you to pay it (it is a feedback thread after all)

Most people I bet don’t mind paying when it offers value which is the issue here for me, there should really be no price difference between 2, 5 or 100 cards it won’t cost Curve more to store another card, if you use the core product to its fullest and that is having more than 5 cards, your pushed to £10 a month. With other features that you don’t need (Insurance). I can afford it but I’d be furious as I would feel ripped off and as a user of curve for every transaction for years that’s how I feel.

The cheapest tier (if not free should be £2/£3) should be unlimited cards and heavily restrict everything else. The more cards they have they are more likely to use the premium features like GBiT, Fx, cash withdrawals, smart rules etc etc or flex which you must make something on too.

If I think heavy GBiT, Fx, insurances use etc is worth it I’ll pay 5, 10, 15 etc and these higher price tiers should have joint accounts or use the app on multiple phones etc you know REAL value adds that people want

They have simply made the core product poor value with the card no. restrictions, that’s my assumption anyway.

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I stand by the view that for Curve to viable, no limit on the number of payment cards had to continue on all tiers, free or paid. There appears to be a very strong consensus on this. If the proposed changes do go ahead, at the very least, a large number of customers facing the two card limitation will indeed ‘exercise their freedom’ to stop using Curve or cancel their account. It is doubtful whether this will be offset by enough people upgrading just to avoid losing the main facility of holding all their cards. There is also the publicity to consider, irrespective of whatever financial gain might have been hoped for.

“All your Cards in One” has been the flagship feature of Curve. At the same time Curve have been well aware that, by itself, this is not a facility most people were ever going to to pay for, even if they could afford it. That’s why they kept it free and put attractions on the paid tiers. People certainly don’t need to pay for the USP and are under no obligation to do so, as has been pointed out. This gets to the heart of the matter.

What’s more, it is never good psychology suddenly to charge for things that have been free for many years. If Curve’s financial situation does require such changes, they need to be made with the minimum impact on it’s customer base – and with the starting premise that “All your Cards in One” is the one feature to be left alone.

Here are less essential features that might have been reduced or removed from the free version, and perhaps subscribed to individually (or paid for one-off)

Smart rules
Cash withdrawal limit
Physical Curve cards (including those renewed on expiry)

While it would certainly have been disappointing suddenly to lose any of the above as free, a lot more people would have found their loss palatable. Most people would then decide whether they wanted to do without a particular feature or pay for it as an add-on. I suspect this would have enabled Curve to make more revenue than their current proposals (which I’m guessing will actually lose them money)

“All your Cards in One” needed to stay free.

There’s still time…


Btw, app now shows in playstore as “Curve | Rule your money”

Maybe but when the chips are down and the smoke clears isn’t that the truth? Was it said in the nicest or kindest of ways? No but then again the truth normally isn’t.

Sure people can rant and they are but I am a little surprised by all the people virtually carrying on like their life has ended. It’s a plastic card* people please have some perspective.

*Or a metal covered plastic card.

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Solution: use your family and friends to get a series of curve cards and daisy chain them for infinite linked cards😂

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I feel like most others here in the community: limiting the free tier to just two cards is a joke and does imho destroy Curves unique offering, even in higher tiers.

Why not include a decent minimum of cards into the free tier, like 5, and then charge for each additional card e g. 2,50€ for each package of each 5 additional cards or so?

And even if free tier does not include more GBIT’es, free users should still be able to technically use them more often, but maybe charged at 0,25€ or so.


That seems to be the consensus, though if you accept the new free tier is for trialling the product now, then there would probably be less push back if Curve X was at least the equivalent of the existing free offering.