Curve X Feedback

Nope they hasn’t even launched as yet, as for the “issues” they’ve recently had has set them back a fair bit…

Thought people may find this of interest

Decided to have a look at the web site in other countries. In the USA they are still on wait lists so there are no charges and the offering appears to be a credit card.

Then looked at the French site and the international English site The features are written in English on the French site !! appear to be the same as the UK site. The pricing is in Euros.

Charges take from Bienvenu dans la Carte Curve Metal | Curve v the UK web site on todays FX rates

Curve Card Blue – Diff £0.76 more in UK for card delivery

Curve X - Monthly cost €4.99 / €59.88 per year in GBP £4.23 (UK Price £4.99) / £50.78 (UK Price £59.88) – Diff £0.76 / £8.90 more in UK

Curve Black - Monthly cost €9.99 (UK Price £9.99) / €119.88 (UK Price £119.88) per year in GBP £8.47 / £101.17– Diff £1.52 / £18.71 more in UK

Curve Metal Card - Monthly cost €14.99 (UK Price £14.99) / €178.88 (UK Price £178.88) per year in GBP £12.71 / £151.77– Diff £2.28 / £27.11 more in the UK

GBIT is the only thing that is Unique to Curve.

1% Cashback can be achived with other products Chase current account does it on all purchases not just on selected retailers in all currencies for the first year - waiting to see if that is extended.

Chase debit card can be used around the world with no charges at anytime for FX v weekend charges for Curve

Personally Airport Lounge access is of no real value

An example of a cheaper competitor product with more value added - Phone insurance, Worldwide Travel Insurance is not Unique to Curve and Nationwide FlexPlus covers the whole family, Plus Vehicle breakdown cover in the UK and the rest of Europe

Nationwide FlexPlus current account

Worldwide travel insurance for your family, mobile phone insurance for your family and European breakdown cover. Pay just £13 a month £156 a year for maintaining the account.

Can apply for a members Credit card with Worldwide commission-free purchases no monthly fee.

Chase and Nationwide credit card can be used in Google pay.

Barclaycard cashback rewards - can’t be used in Google pay but that becomes the card to carry as a backup.

This product has to be competitive and have a USP that appeals, unfortunately it no longer really has that and is alienating its customers. There is no acknowledgement of the curve communities concerns or justifications. Yes it has to make money and the shareholders will want that too but there doesn’t even seem to have been any apparent research on the competition and the benefits they provided and their charges.

For example: a simple one without much research. Nationwide FlexPlus cost £13 a month or £156 a year. If Curve Metal Card was charged at £12.71 / £151.77 (the current € rate) there may be more takers. Curve + at £50.78 a year rather than the UK Price £59.88 or GBP £4.23 per month is better than UK Price £4.99. Basically the right product at the right price level which could convert users on the free tier and encourage growth.


Aqua is great for travelling also - small amount of cashback on everything. sums up to about 100 quid a year - better than nothing.

I have a Barclaycard forward and just requested it to be changed for the Travel Rewards card.

Curve X having such difficulty getting traction, only 2 cards will be allowed on free tier to try and push people into using Curve X.

If it works, it will be looked back at as a brave move. Given Curve’s history of having lackluster customer acquisition on a FREE product, I’d say, RIP Curve.

The app is a disaster full of bugs. It’s always something different. Latest error is “could not load FX rates”. Sometimes all you get is a black screen. Keep having to uninstall, clear cache etc. I’m not sure if they call it a Beta product nowadays, but it sure feels like it’s in Alpha.

Although according to the CEO, raising much less than their peers is a “strategy”, a feature, not a flaw. And they are super successful.

Then, there is a company called Curve Finance which is an entirely different company in Crypto, which you read about a lot more than about (imagine) curve. So there’s that. Good luck.

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There are no plans to include additional discounts or bonus features for Curve investors outside of the benefits associated with upgrading to Curve X and our premium tiers. However, the team are currently building logic within the app which will allow Investors to upgrade to Curve X and keep their investor cards without the Curve X card being automatically issued to them. If you’re an investor and thinking of upgrading then you may wish to wait for this feature to be fully active in the Curve app. I’ll update once this is live or if the team encounter issues.

So, we’ve reached the last day before the discount lapses. What is going to be for investor cardholders? Can we upgrade without getting a new card issued?


email yesterday:

Curve Ex is almost here.


And still no comment from @Curve_Joel or Curve officially on why they consider it reasonable to break their own terms and conditions for those that they didn’t bother to tell about the changes until late July…their own terms say they will give 60 days notice - but I, and many others it seems, wasn’t actually formally told about these changes until the 19/20th July.

Still no update from Curve. So small info from investor user side: Did X update yesterday night. Up to now nearly nothing changed in the App. Curve investor card still there, card details unchanged, still working. No info about new card produced.
Funding cards: all there (13).
Only changes found yet: Payment details on 1,99 plan. GBit extended to 60 days - worked flawlessly for a transaction in early June.

This scenario+1,99 price would be acceptable for me if this helps Curve to survive. But I definitely would expect better communication than what we’ve seen - this thread included

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The latest Heads Up! mail about the two card limit together with the Heads Up! mail before that about business/commercial Curve Blue cards being shut down does not make much sense.

Why first tell the users that their cards will stop working completely and then tell them that the cards will get a limitation? The first makes the second completely unimportant.

I find two possible reasons.

A) The mail about business cards becoming unusable actually means that you will not be able to add or use business cards in Curve Blue. Only personal credit and debit cards will work.


B) Curve Blue cards with the text commercial on the back will stop working and Curve will not send out personal replacement cards for these. In the desperate search for premium customers they will lose a lot of existing customers this way.

It’s like they try to use fear and confusion to get more premium customers. This will not work in the long run. They appear more and more unreliable. This is not the way to get customers to trust you.

There is a way to find out which one it is:

Has anyone with a personal Curve Blue card received the email with the title “Your business card will stop working soon” from around July 20?

It must be a user with a Curve Blue card that does not say commercial on the back. If you have received this email please respond.

It is an indication that they will not shut down the commercial Curve Blue cards because there is absolutely no reason to tell personal Curve Blue users that their business card will stop working because they don’t have any.

@dotpointer: I have personal blue card and not received email with such title, but in June 28 Curve sent email with title “We’re changing how we price Curve” and in there they also said “Only customers with premium subscription will be able to add a commercial card”.

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And this is where I bid my farewells to Curve. Things are only going to go downhill from here unfortunately, bye all!

But yeah, I do not want to pay £5 a month for basic features that have been free since the beginning. Having 2 cards on the free tier defeats the entire purpose of Curve. How unfortunate.


Thank you, then these emails has only been sent to commercial Curve Blue card owners.

Possibly they will both stop commercial Curve Blue cards and stop business cards in the app then.


£2.49 per month for Curve X since midnight.

That’s too much, even 1,99€ is too much.

Good to see they can’t even decide how much to charge for their thrown together product!


can confirm:

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Hopefully some can explain when curve x starts as I’m on free plan nothing changed so why pay for 5 cards when I 10 card now and add another one today confused it’s passed 28th

@Camrandr Free tier will be stripped “after August 28, 2022” according to Curve email.

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For me, no dice sorry, not in the current environment to be spending on another subscription service. Having insights to my transactions and spending behaviour is a data trove that I was willing to trade.

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