Curve X Feedback

For me, no dice sorry, not in the current environment to be spending on another subscription service. Having insights to my transactions and spending behaviour is a data trove that I was willing to trade.

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I’m just going to leave it as it is, and not use it, on the off chance they have a change of heart. Though, to be honest, I don’t think they will. I remember when Tandem introduced a £6 per month charge for their 0.5% cashback credit card, that one crashed and burned VERY soon afterwards.

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You should have seen the answer to my e-mail to them showing my dissapointment.
They are not reading e-mails properly…
I never mention closing the account they mentioned it three times. Like speaking with an idiots.
Curve Customer service is a disgrace.

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Neither the app nor the email says how long this discountet price of 2.49/m for CurveX lasts. Does anyone know? Is it just for the first month? Or for 1 Year? Or forever?

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the previous deal was for a year, if that helps.

The red banner on the community website (the company’s fun way of communicating to us…) says this:

Just a reminder that our Curve X discount for existing customers has changed as we’re moving away from the announcement date. If you haven’t already upgraded then you can still upgrade to Curve X for £/€2.50 per month for a year.

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Hi there @andyk. Nearly all Curve users, aside from those that had opted out of communications from us and a dozen or so that are the exception such as yourself, received an email explaining the changes that were upcoming on the day of the announcement.
Unfortunately, the email scheduled to send to you failed to send. It is a frustrating reality that technology doesn’t always fully cooperate with us and though I appreciate your frustration with this I’m hoping that you’ll also share some understanding that the communications team had intended to address you correctly on this and your experience with this process is not shared by our general userbase. To correct this, I spoke to our communications team so that they could resend the email to you.

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This is unbelievable. 400+ replies here, but Curve still pushes ahead with this plan. I’m seriously disappointed by how Curve’s leadership handled this.


Why? What did you expect them to do? They are already hemorrhaging money. They had to stop the flow somehow…

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For example, reduce and optimise expenses. Not alienate their users whose transactions give them income.

The direct result of these policies is that I stopped using Curve for almost anything. Just before the announcement, every transaction I made went through Curve, earning them money.

I’m sure they thought of that before taking the action they did. Did you know that they made quite a few employees redundant early this year? So they believe they’ve cut all the meat away from the bone.

Why some many here think because they aredoing transaction and Curve get money it’s enough for a sustainable business ?! If it was the they would probably be more than fine with millions of users. If you find one business that only rely on transactions I am curious to know about it.


If Curve built a business on unsustainable business model, I have so many questions to them.
When I invested in them, I trusted they knew what they were doing, and that their business could survive on that model.


Yeah but if only we don’t have things like Covid19 and wars happening in Ukraine maybe just maybe things would be ok. Curve as a company is not immune to the above so painful choices have to be made.

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I did not invest but I wish I would but every company must have paid customers. I do not know if it was the plan at first but it does not surprise me that they “force” people to pay. Lot of companies does free things or lot of discount to attract customers and then they make them pay : Uber eats, deliveroo, fintechs… At the end of the day Curve need to earn money and even more during recession.


If only they chose to innovate the product in order to entice/lure people to switching to paid plans, instead of crippling their base product (while going against their own motto/mission).

But hey… I lived before Curve, I’ll certainly survive their suicide.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


As someone who joined curve and used is religiously since Jan 17, 2018, I do feel slightly let down that you are putting features that were available behind a paywall. Just saw a message to say I have to upgrade to use more than two cards now. Despite having an investor card and pumping a lot of money through curve im quite disappointed. I appreciate you have to make money but iv been with you through the thick and thin.


I think trying to force users to convert to premium paying customers is the wrong way to go if the goal is to get profitable.

it is especially a bad idea to limit the number of cards regardless of if it is a premium card or not. They must have a very good reason to do this that they are not telling us, like it costs them huge amounts to keep it unlimited.

Because Imagine Curve if no or too few users added payment cards to their account. Imagine that the majority of the users ordered a free Curve card and then just left it in the drawer, because they found out there was not much point using it.

I get the feeling that Curve has not thought outside the box. The money should not come from the users directly through these premium accounts.

It should come from card companies paying Curve for giving them new customers and routing transactions to their cards.

Curve is a switch where the user selects which payment card to use in each payment situation. It is a powerful position if Curve has a lot of users and this users has a lot of cards added.

They should set up a card shop inside the app where the users are offered credit and debit cards from banks, credit institutions and so on that the users can directly add to their Curve app and use. Curve should charge the card companies for each ad and each card sign up in the shop and each transaction.

Then these smart rules. These could also be offered in the app by the card companies paying Curve for the possibility to do so and referrals on each transaction.

How? Imagine that you get a notification from Curve that they have found that you have an HSBC card in the app.

They have also identified that you have visited the cinema several times the past months according to you transaction history.

Therefore Curve now suggest the following to you:

Add the HSBC Cinema smart rule! All purchases made with the Curve card in the cinema MCC categories will be sent to the HSBC card. In return you get 5 % refunded on each of these purchases directly on the HSBC card.

If you accept you get 5 % back on each Cinema purchase from HSBC and Curve gets X % from them too for each of them. HSBC get a lot of transactions they otherwise would not have got because you would have used another card with better benefits.

Then regarding this card quantity limitation idea in the app to create some kind of need to go premium to be able to add more than 2 cards.

It does not work to only bring the Curve card anyway when visiting some other countries like Denmark. Because some but not all payment terminals adds an extra fee for non-EU cards like Curve that is more than twice the card fx fee.

Bring all the cards you intend to use anyway and know in which order to use them beforehand.


I got an answer from Curve support regarding the future of Curve Blue commercial cards. I asked on July 26 and got the answer on August 1, it took them 7 days to respond.

The question:

I have a Curve Blue card that has the text Commercial on the back […] Will my Curve card stop working? Or will I not be able to add commercial/business cards to my Curve app?

The answer - you can not imagine it:

I’m sorry to hear that there has been some confusion regarding our latest policy update and for the delay in getting back to you.


We’ve introduced the new policy where business payment cards can’t be added to personal accounts - you’ll need to be on a business Curve card to add business payment cards to your Curve wallet.

As you’re already on our business Curve card, you’ll be able to continue to add business payment cards to your Curve Wallet as you would typically. Please also make sure that you’ve not reached your 2 payment card limit before adding your business payment cards.

Just to let you know you can keep your current Curve card for free with no subscription, so you’re not obligated to upgrade to a paid subscription. We’ve simply introduced a new paid card tier called Curve X, but the standard free tier is still here to stay.

I think 5$ a month is not a lot of money.
People spend 5$ a day for cigarettes.
It’s 5 coffees.

It would be interesting anyway if Curve team could publish data about how many users for each tier every month so that we can understand the trend.