Curve X Lewes FC partnership ⚽️

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This is the MOST random thing I’ve seen! This is my hometown :joy::joy: out of everyone, I did not think Curve would be sponsoring small town as Lewes in East Sussex :sweat_smile:


I was there last Sunday to interview some members of the women’s team and to capture their amazing win against Liverpool! I would have checked to see if you had time for a pint if I knew you were down that way. Next time! :grin:

You can check out our announcement video here and we’ll have more content surrounding this partnership coming soon! :tada:


Ahh no way!! This would have been the perfect opportunity! Let me know in advance next time that you are :call_me_hand:t4:

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Fingers crossed we should be down again to shoot more content with the club in the coming months but this will depend on a number of internal factors. I’ll fire you a PM nearer the time. :grin:

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