Curve X - new subscription - how to keep existing Curve card

Hi I have just upgraded to X subscription but I would like to keep my existing card, can you please help me? Wrote support 3 days ago and no response. Thank you.

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I’ve asked the exact same question to Curve customer support via the app, email and through the online query form referenced in their damage control email sent out when they charged people multiple times for the Curve X subscription costs. Been ignored on all 3.

Would like to know myself. Curve is becoming a joke really.

I asked very similar question in Product Update thread - but I got no response. I would guess that option to keep your current card depends on which card you have. If you have the card with the new “striped” design, then there is a chance you get to keep it.

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Yes, I would really like to keep my Curve OG card, mainly because I really do not like the Curve X design. I loved the OG design with it’s striking metallic blue and silver Curve logo centred. It was understated and sophisticated. Now I try to use Apple pay as much as possible, so I can keep this new card hidden in my wallet.

PLEASE can we have the option to keep our existing OG card, or request the same blue design to use with X?

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