Curve Year in Review

Hi! You know those “Year in Review” websites that Spotify has every year? Showing you how many songs have you listened to, what genres, etc.

Well, what do you think of Curve making a similar thing? It could be a feature in the app, a tab in the potential new Web app version, or simply an e-mail. I think there’s a lot of data Curve has about our spending and it could be a nice way to summarize it and also a marketing opportunity for Curve (I’m sure there are some users who would want to share their summary). To be honest, it shouldn’t be too hard to design and code too and it should be possible to do something like that even this year.

Here are some things such summary could include:

  • the number of times we used the Curve card in 2019 (could be called “your Curve number” or something catchy like that),
  • the total amount of money spent with the Curve card this year,
  • the most popular spending category (or overall spending by category),
  • same with underlying cards,
  • monthly spending chart (did we spend most during summer vacations or right before Christmas?, most/least active spending month),
  • how many times we did Go Back in Time,
  • most expensive purchase of the year,
  • least expensive purchase of the year,
  • how much we saved in foreign exchange fees,
  • how much we spent abroad/online,
  • a map showing all countries we used Curve (just in 2019, or showing different colors/shades for before/in 2019),
  • how much Cashback we earned during the year (Black/Metal subscribers only),
  • how many people we referred in 2019 and how much £ we got for it.

Of course not every of those would have to show up for every user and it could be adjusted algorithmically (for instance hiding the information about referrals if you didn’t refer anyone). Anyway, I think there’s a lot to develop about this idea, and it could become a simple and fun thing. You could also include some information about plans for 2020 in Curve in general in the same message, which could make for a more engaging message than a plain non-personalized e-mail like last year.

What do you think? Would you like to know the information from such summary? Would you share some of it (without the most private data, of course) on social media?

Sounds good. It would be fun at look at and see what my average purchase price was. What shop I’d used the most. What’s my most used ATM. What area do I do most of my spending. :+1:


I think that first they need to improve their insights screen since that the current tools and informations are very basic xD but it’s a very good idea, I would be curious to see that

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That’s a fun suggestion! Would be very interested to see how much FX fee I’m saving in a year :smile:

Would this be something that could be sent out to all customers or rather something that you have to request?


My initial idea was to send such summary in an e-mail to everyone, but there’s definitely room for thought. An e-mail seemed to be an optimal choice, because it is both quite easy to implement and something Curve users are used to in general (by Curve Receipts, support, regular Curve Team e-mails, or even this forum). Spotify usually creates a web page that you link with your account to get the summary, but Curve isn’t really a web-centric platform (at least yet), so I’m not sure how that would work out. On the other hand, including such a new feature natively within the app just for it to work for a limited amount of time seems like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

The thing I’m worried the most about is privacy concerns some users might have about their data being sent (through web or e-mail) without their prior consent. Curve Receipts theoretically already do send data out of the platform, but you need to turn them on first.

Ultimately, there is a few ways it could work:

  • just sending an e-mail to everyone

Pros: effective, easy to implement, a solution that would engage an entire userbase (more viral potential)
Cons: privacy concerns, everyone is immediately affected if any technical mistake happens (think: why doesn’t Facebook release a new feature to everyone at once?), impossible to make improvements within contents of an e-mail after it’s sent

  • sending an e-mail after a prompt in the app (like Curve Receipts)

Pros: all pros of using an e-mail as above, adding just one button to the app, no message is sent to those who don’t want to receive it
Cons: all cons of using an e-mail as above, being told to check e-mail after doing something within the app feels clumsy, would still need a change within the app code

  • creating a dedicated web page (like Spotify)

Pros: simple, straightforward, already works for other companies
Cons: discoverability issues, no idea how authorization would work for Curve on the web

  • creating a web page accessible as a webview within the app

Pros: as above, better discoverability, not that hard to implement
Cons: would still need a change within the app code

  • creating a native solution within the app

Everything as the webview solution, but a bit harder to implement in a limited time.

After that consideration I would go with the WebView, because it’s doable, discoverable, yet doesn’t include people who wouldn’t want such summary generated for them externally. The solution would include:

  1. a small change within the app (basically adding a simple box with a button, for instance in the Insights tab, and a webview the button would lead to),
  2. a dynamically generated web page,
  3. a push notification prompting users to update the app and/or go check their summary.

This is fantastic input. Thanks for taking the time to write and share it :smiley: It’s been forwarded to the team :muscle: