Curve - you made everything too complicated!

I was one of the first Curve users.

I have a grandfathered black card. I use it daily and actively sell the Curve concept to my friends and colleagues.

That’s where it ends I’m afraid.

What went wrong? You made this entire subscription/metal/grandfather thing so massively complex.

The black card should have remained as it was.

The blue card should have remained as it was.

Then you should have introduced a new card with the subscription. Simple.

I read these forums almost daily are they are full of your confused customers. Black card users, grandfathered users. When can you downgrade and to what. Amex and no Amex. Dubious card benefits. I could go on and on.

Now there is talk of legal action against you. Your lack of replies to your customer support questions and tweets is alarming.

I sincerely hope you sort this absolute mess out quickly because the damage it is doing to your brand is immeasurable.

Good luck.


Frustratingly, this is so true. But despite this, forum members still display loyalty and patience. This is surely wearing ever thinner.

Promise of jam tomorrow really isn’t going to wash and the sporadic responses we are getting smack of either ignorance or an arrogant disregard for your customers.

Surely, Curve, you can see that…?


Yep, sadly so true.

They could have done a really good job of transforming their business model, but it’s been so poorly implemented it’s almost embarrassing - even without the Amex craziness.

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As a Curve Beta user, I have to say that I was so confused about the whole thing too, in fact the Curve Beta card is black in colour too, it only adds to the confusion.

But I have nothing to complain. I’m not a paid user, I didn’t pay a penny and enjoyed the product for many years. I only hope Curve could have handled this thing better, instead of naming their new subscription Black, and renaming the old Black something else, they could have just give the new subscription a different name and discontinue (stop accept new users for) the old Black, thus avoid all the confusions.

Curve, please learn from this mistake and get better.


Curve will close this discussion, like they did to mine when I expanded on how confusing Curve is now.

@patrice58 carry on flailing the dead horse.


If they cared about their customers, they’d be horrified that anyone even felt the need to start this discussion.

I created this thread to genuinely feedback my feelings to curve.

Until recently I thought they had an outstanding product.

It’s still very good. Just very confused and it didn’t have to be that way.


I couldn’t agree more.

Their product and service used to be on point and now it’s an expensive mess with dire service and I’m struggling to see the value proposition now. Everything is soon without any real indication as to how soon and without any tangible time lines to back that up.

Newbies getting far greater rewards than long standing customers and all together an overly ambitious expansion that has gone horribly wrong.

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That’s not true at all. As they get 1 per cent cashback for 90 days** I’m a long standing customer and I get between 3-5 per cent rewards with no 90 day limit that’s with my legacy black card*. Even if I was on blue I would earn 1-3 per cent rewards*

*Selected retailers only.
**They have a much wider selection of retailers and can pick 3 retailers to earn the 1per cent with the blue card and 6 with the black card.

Where are the 5% retailers? I can only see 1.5% blue/3% black.

Except the list of retailers for the original scheme is - well, it’s pathetic compared to the new one.

There is one 5%er. Virgin Experience Days

I only get the legacy cashback though with no choice of retailer so the rewards are far greater than that. The newer customers who have upgraded are going to get their cashback on far more usable retailers indefinitely.

That makes it unfair to the long standing customers in my view

I didn’t realise that they had permanent rewards.

Yes another complicated mess to throw into the bucket.

Everybody seems to be on different T’s & C’s

That’s not true either as people that upgrade to metal or black I believe they stay on what they had before so if you’ve had your 90 days before on say blue or black then that’s your lot. If you are a new customer then they get to pick the 6 retailers and have 1 per cent for 90 days.

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That’s not what they’re saying in other threads. They’ve said they’re going to allow people to keep their cashback indefinitely for now if you’ve upgraded. However those joining before February 2018 are not currently given this.

Curve_AlejandroCurve Team


Hi all,

We’ve been working to find a nice replacement of the Amex benefit for our premium customers (Black and Metal). We will continue to work on more things to come, but in the meantime, we plan to take Curve Cashback to the next level:

  • Curve Black cardholders: you will be able to choose 3 retailers from the list and get 1% cashback from them instantly and without 3-months expiration!
  • Curve Metal cardholders: you will be able to choose 6 retailers from the list and get 1% cashback from them instantly and without 3-months expiration!

Some clarifications :

  • Once you choose the retailers, you cannot change them - so choose wisely! :slight_smile:
  • As before, Curve Blue and Curve Legacy Black cardholders can choose their list of retailers and enjoy 1% cashback for their first 3 months since joining Curve.
  • Current Curve Rewards beneficiaries (those who registered with Curve before Feb 16th 2018) will continue on their Rewards programme - for more detail on the Curve Rewards click here .

Our plan is to launch this improved benefit in the coming weeks, so we would really appreciate your feedback.

You will be grandfathered to the old legacy black then.

Which is exactly what was said in my OP :man_facepalming: As such this is not as useful a set of benefits as those available to newer card holders.

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