Curve's place in my wallet

I posted recently about my entire wallet and financial lifestyle, as opposed to just Curve, but Curve being Curve, featured heavily.

In terms of ‘Tips & Tricks’, whatever you do, make sure you’re leveraging the fact Curve is a Mastercard Debit and as such is often accepted where credit cards are not.

For me, this means things like (effectively up to £100 cashback) and paying HMRC if you’re self-employed or a company director etc.

You can also use a Costco to pay by credit card which they normally dont accept

I agree, but Curve is not accepted where credit card yes; for example think of a rental car or a hotel credit line.

Yes, its not recommended for those kind of transactions (large holds or pre-auths) but Curve admit that, and one could argue all debit card issuers say that.