Curve's Product Roadmap Q1 2019

A lot has happened since we launched and we have plenty more in store for you. Click the link to find out what’s next: Curve’s Product Roadmap. More details will be added as we go.

The roadmap shows you what we intent to roll out if everything goes according the plan. Being a startup and working in a complex industry, that is not always the case. In addition to working on features on this product roadmap, we are continuously working on fixing bugs and improving the overall Curve experience.

Use your vote to indicate what’s the most important feature for you and share your ideas with us in the Curve community. This will be food for thought for our product team, although it’s no guarantee.

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Thanks for sharing the road map. Looks interesting! As said in the Slack channel a short description could be useful for the trello cards. Not really sure what Curve Boost is?


Hi @santo,

While we develop new features we are focused on the customer problem, the solution it therefore often fluid until we are in the final stages. We are happy to update the titles to make them more self explanatory.

Curve Boost is a feature that provides users with one-day offers from selected merchants that can activate whenever they want.


LOVE that you guys share the roadmap!
But I’m with santo, just 1 sentence of description explaining what that feature is would be great. Otherwise we users can only speculate. I.e. share spending card, no idea what that is or in app provisioning or smart rules,…


Fair point. We will add more details next week to clarify :slight_smile: :+1:


Thanks for sharing this. It’s great to see what you have planned for the future, excited for Apple Pay and Amex support.

Really great that you’ve made this available community to see. Particularly interested in what some of these are!

And what about 3D secure technology? Not on your Roadmap? :grin:

It is suggested here: 3DS or some alternative :slight_smile:


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@Curve_Marie can you give more info on Sharing funding card point in the roadmap?

Yes! Still aiming to update the cards with more information this week. Will write an update here when it’s done :slight_smile:



Do you/ are you planning to - accept N26, please?

Is it possible to provide more information in the Trello cards please? It’s difficult to tell what a feature actually is from just a title e.g. Curve Boost - what is that?

We accept most Visa and MasterCards. Just tested with my German issued N26 card - it worked :slight_smile:


Excellent news. Thanks Marie.

N26 is already accepted

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I’m very excited for all the items in the ‘In progress’ section. Apple/Google pay support would make the Curve card a much more valuable proposition for a lot of people.

Curious as to the subscription/metal cards. How will this differ from Curve Black? How much will it cost? Will the metal card only be for the subscription?

Should be an exciting year for Curve and it’s users!

Yes, exactly. While they have been silent about the details about this - my guess is that they’re trying to get Amex support out the door and working fine for everyone before they diverse with another tier.

Sorry for the delay. We’ve updated the cards in the “In Progress” and “Short Term” list :smiley: