Curve's Product Roadmap Q1 2019

I see that you’re working on Timeline 2.0, this is awesome! Currently Curve timeline has many lacks, like places (merchant’s geographical position), completed/in progress informations. Also, I’m using Revolut as source card and it already supports merchants places, with Timeline 2.0 I expect that Curve will pass the place to Revolut :slightly_smiling_face:

@Decio that’s the plan :wink: Plus some other ideas we are thinking of! What are you looking for when you go through your transactions timeline or when you open up a specific transaction?

Pending/completed and places infos are all I miss from Revolut’s Timeline.
Also, it would be more secure to have a fingerprint login in the app.
Oh, and I miss a simple “settings” option in the app, all apps have it :laughing:

I’m interested in the new subscription options. Do you have an expected release date for these?

We will send out a press release and make a lot of noice when we do @giles :slight_smile:

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I’m assuming with Curve Credit it’ll be possible to be “pre-approved”?

E.g. Text along the lines of: Make a transaction of up to £500 and split it over N months @ X%

Or is it free like split-it? Meaning any transaction at any value would be accepted?

If there is any kind of randomness (e.g. we only see the installments for certain transactions, but it’s not clear what they are) then it’ll cause big issues IMO and/or a lack of take-up (as people won’t know whether they will, or won’t, get an installment offer).

The details of the user journey aren’t clear yet. You make a good point, which has been shared with out product team :slight_smile:

Personally I’d also like to be able to clearly see partial & full refunds in the timeline without having to scroll back to the original transaction - if you happen to dismiss the app notification then it can be a nightmare trying to work out what was actually refunded!

Go back in time is listed as an premium future - does that mean we are going to lose it as free users? Thanks!

Eek where did you see that? I couldn’t see any mention of premium features on the Trello board linked to above?

When clicking on the “Subscriptions and Metal Card” bullet point, a list of features comes up - I assume those are premium features?

Ah, got you - most of the board (speculative & done) doesn’t have anything listed under it and GBIT was on the done list so I couldn’t find it - see what you mean now though!

Everyone will still be able to Go Back in Time :slight_smile:

Glad to hear :relaxed:

Thank you @HV :blush:

3DS or some alternative has been suggested in the Feedback and Ideas category :smiley:

@HV, thanks for your feedback! We have an initiative on our speculative roadmap regarding enabling/disabling the magstripe. I’ll add the rest of your ideas there.

To get a bit more context, could you walk me through some of the moments when you would like to have this ability?

Location stamping of the transaction is really useful and should be included in the timeline.

I think Insights ought to be overhauled too. It takes far too long to load and therefore I rarely use it. Some preloading so it’s instant to use, like Analytics in Revolut, would be very useful.


How do you want to change to a subscription model? Will there be no longer a CurveBlack with a one time payment? Would be very annoying for evereyone who got it/paid for it?!


Metal cards only planned for the UK? Or will they come to mainland Europe as well? Please :)))

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I don’t have more information at this time. There will be an update on this explaining how the subscription model will look like in due time and how it will be rolled out.