Custom categories

Hey guys!

Thinking it might be useful for people to add their own custom category(/ies)…? I don’t think you’d want users to add more than a couple, otherwise it could get a bit messy. See below screenshot.

Users would need to add purchases to their category(ies) manually but / and over time Curve could learn which kind of purchases to put in there (e.g. all the ones from a particular store).

My use case is the category ‘DIY’ as I’m doing up my flat (yawn!). Loads of trips to Toolstation, yay.

Cheers :sunglasses:


:+1: a couple more of my own would be good.

Totally agree that need for customised categories.

This is a very nice feature to have. I travelled to paris for a week and used curve card for a lot of transactions across different sub cards. Even though curve categories the transactions across its different standard categories it would have been nice if i had the ability to tag all the transactions with “Paris” Category so that it would have been easier for me to calculate how much it had costed for my trip to paris. Im quite sure this feature would be implemented in Curve.

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Bunq already has such feature:

I would like it if my business card automatically tagged all the transactions as business ones.


Revolut also has this feature.

I’d really like to see the ability to add a few custom categories to my curve app/transactions.

count me in!