Custom Date Range “Month”

It’s great seeing everything that is spent within that Month whether in the Timeline, Wallet or Insights but for someone who doesn’t get paid on the final day of the month it would be great to be able to customise the “Month”.

I like to track my spending and class that “Month” starting from when I get paid which isn’t the last day, so it would be great to shift the summary of spending across the 3 tabs to start on the day I get paid rather than the 1st of the month.

Completely agree, being able to change the monthly spending dates which be really beneficial

This is what I came here to suggest, of course I’m not the only one. I’d suggest making it customisable with a choice of start date and a drop down of 7 day summaries, month summaries and even year summary. Shouldn’t be too tricky?

my different cards have different cut of dates for the next invoice which is of course different to the month used by curve.

i’d like add the invoice cutoff date per card and display curve what was spent on this card in the current invoice period

You can vote here Custom Date Range “Month”