Customer service - drop

To whom it may concern.

I am writting on this board, to express my concern about the drop in customer service at Curve.

As I invested in Curve, i changed my normal Curve card, to a Metal card.
since then, nothing as been working properly . Most of my transactions were refused. I was first informed, that due to a bug in the system, I had to re - verify my profile. Did so.

However, my transactions are still being blocked.

Tried to contact CS - even using the annoying and badly set up CHAT.
No answer.

Even though, I am an investor - I did ask to downgrade my account - as nothing is working properly since I receive the metal card.

Again - no news from Customer service.
Just an automatic message, saying that I need to reverify my account and that I shall pay 50£ if i want to downgrade.

Conclusion - I did invest in Curve, because the user experience was great. including the customer service.
However, I am now quite concerned, about the deterioration of your services,
Do not think, you will go far, if things continue like that.


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